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Hugo Egon Balder: The Moderator’s Fortune

How rich is Hugo Egon Balder?

One can wonder how much money Hugo Egon Balder really has on the high edge. There are numbers of a few million euros in the room. However, there is also the statement from the star himself that he only gets so little pension that he has to continue to work in old age. The public does not know how little pension it is. A mini pension for Hugo Egon Balder could possibly be enough for the average person to live on. The cherished Hugo Egon Balder’s assets are 4 million euros.

Supplement the pension additionally

The moderator and cabaret artist clearly states that he has lived well and that he would like to continue to do so in old age. For this reason, he continues to work even after retirement. According to these statements, his financial cushion does not seem to be sufficientto simply retire. It should be mentioned here that Balder married four times and each of these marriages failed. As is known, divorces are not cheap. Of course, Hugo Egon Balder can also have invested his money. Most of the stars not only have their assets in the bank, but also invested them in various investments. From real estate to automobiles, those assets are part of the celebrity’s wealth, too.

However, the fact that he cannot simply enjoy a relaxed retirement does not seem to bother the actor. After all, he likes to work. Only if at some point his health is no longer able to go about his work, the tide could turn. Nevertheless, this example shows that Old-age poverty is also a phenomenon that preoccupies the celebrity world. Although celebrities define poverty differently than the average citizen.

About the life of the all-rounder

Income from Hugo Egon Balder
From “Tutti Frutti” to “Die Hit-Gianten” to “Genial besides”
– For formats like this, the German public loves Hugo Egon Balder, whose first name is actually Egon Hugo and not the other way around. The star grew up in the heart of Berlin. Music played a role early on in his life. The boy took piano lessons between the ages of four and twelve, followed by two years of drum lessons. Already in his youth he was active as a drummer with “The Earls”.

A long career

Balder also completed a degree in art and graphics, thus once again proving his creative streak. From 1973 to 1976 he attended a private drama school in Berlin. His career is therefore on a solid foundation. Incidentally, Hugo Egon Balder does not only have a livelihood as a public figure. In 2010 he is got into the pub Zwick, which is located at Hamburg’s Millerntor. With this stake, Hugo Egon Balder also continues to improve his pension. The clever star then immediately used this location to have his TV format “The cleverer tip over” produced there. The program could be seen on Tele 5.

Also for that the artist makes himself strong for a good cause – and gladly by the side of his colleagues, for example together with Bernhard Hoecker and Hella von Sinnen. The three celebrities could be seen together on nationwide posters of the German bone marrow donor database in order to win over even more people for the voluntary donation of stem cells. Whether as an audio book speaker, on TV on Sat.1 or RTL, or as an actor in the theater, this man can already look back on many successes. After all, he has received the following prizes in the past: Bambi, German TV Prize, German Comedy Prize, Golden Romy and the Golden Camera. Who knows which awards will follow.

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