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Imma Tataranni, who is the protagonist Vanessa Scalera? Age, husband, children, movies, L’Arminuta, Salvini, Instagram

Vanessa Scalera, the protagonist of the TV series Imma Tatataranni, a great success of Rai 1, is an actress of extraordinary talent, with an amazing curriculum both in the cinema, in television and in the theater. Let’s get to know it better.

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Who is Vanessa Scalera, the protagonist of the TV series Imma Tataranni?

Vanessa Scalera is an exceptional artist capable of interpreting any work in an excellent way, from theater, to cinema, to television. The general public links her image to curly hair on the TV series Imma Tataranni, the successful fiction of Rai 1 where she is the protagonist. Those who love the big screen, however, also remember Vanessa Scalera for other prestigious productions. Some titles? South Seas, The Thief of Days, My Mother, Woman’s Name. Are they enough to underline the great talent of this talented actress?

Here is Vanessa Scalera / Photo:


Vanessa Scalera has 44 years old: was born in Puglia, in the municipality of Mesagne, in the province of Brindisi, on 5 April 1977, under the zodiac sign of Aries.


Filippo Gili is the name of Vanessa Scalera’s companion. Actor and director by profession, he himself confirmed the relationship with the actress that has lasted for over a decade: he is her main fan! The couple have a fantastic love story but prefer to keep all private aspects out of the spotlight. Vanessa and Filippo, in addition to sharing the love life, have staged several theatrical performances, as well as collaborating in some screenplays, having in common a huge passion for acting.

Rare image of Vanessa Scalera, the director and actor Filippo Gili / Photo: FanPage


Vanessa Scalera is still not a mother.


The actress has worked with important directors, from Nanni Moretti to Marco Bellocchio, from Michele Placido to Manetti Bros. A career marked by great successes, with films that have given her enormous satisfaction. These are the films in which Vanessa Scalera is in the cast:

  • South Seas, directed by Marcello Cesena (2001);
  • Our Messiah, directed by Claudio Serughetti (2008);
  • Win, directed by Marco Bellocchio (2009);
  • Sleeping Beauty, directed by Marco Bellocchio (2012);
  • Before leaving, directed by Michele Placido (2014);

Our Messiah (2008): Vanessa Scalera, Ignazio Oliva and director Claudio Serughetti on the set of the film / Photo:

  • My mother, directed by Nanni Moretti (2015);
  • Name of woman, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana (2018);
  • The thief of days, directed by Guido Lombardi (2019);
  • Diabolik, directed by the Manetti Bros. (2020);
  • The Arminuta, directed by Giuseppe Bonito (2021).

L’Arminuta (2021) – a scene from the film / Photo: iO Donna

Television interpretations by Vanessa Scalera

  • Fathers and sons, directed by Gianfranco Albano and Gianni Zanasi (2005);
  • Detective woman 2, directed by Fabrizio Costa (2010);
  • RIS Rome – Imperfect crimes 2, directed by Francesco Miccichè (2011);
  • Police District 11, episode Giochi clandestini, directed by Alberto Ferrari (2011);
  • Anti-mafia team – Palermo today 3 – TV series, episodes 3 × 02-3 × 03-3 × 04 (2011);

A scene from Lea (2015) / Photo:

  • Lea, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana – TV film (2015);
  • L’Aquila – Great Expectations – TV series (2019);
  • Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor – TV series (2019-ongoing);
  • Romulus – TV series (2020).

Romulus – TV Series (2020) / Photo: La Repubblica

The Arminuta

Based on the novel by Donatella Di Pietrantonio, The arminuta is a film in which Scalera acts as a co-star. Directed by director Giuseppe Bonito, it has been present on cinemas since 2021 and, since its first screenings, has enjoyed excellent box office success. An intense story capable of first conquering the readers, page after page, and able to involve the audience in the room for the current and at the same time extreme plot.

The director Giuseppe Bonito and Vanessa Scalera tell The Arminuta on the occasion of the presentation at the Rome Film Fest 2021 / Photo: Hotcorn Tv

The Arminuta represents found it, a thirteen-year-old pre-adolescent girl, forced to leave the life she belongs to to return to the family of origin, the one in which she was born. It therefore passes from a modern and rich world to a peasant reality, crossing the sense of abandonment in order to discover that of belonging. The themes are rather complex, but they are addressed with delicacy and involvement: from self-discovery to the meaning of the parent-child relationship, motherhood, love and abandonment.


The actress has repeatedly told in interviews that she feels very close to the character of Imma Tataranni. In her daily life, too, she feels a strong duty to take sides with the least, close to the people who suffer, treating everyone as human beings and holding out her hand, avoiding turning to the other side.

For Vanessa Scalera: “Matteo Salvini’s is a wicked policy that has lost the sense of humanity “ / Photo: YouTube

She is not afraid of the different and wishes to let the fundamental values ​​of humanity germinate in her heart: trust in others and welcome. In the Rai 1 TV series, born from the writing of Mariolina Venezia, she dealt with highly topical issues, immigration. In this regard, Vanessa Scalera confessed to being perfectly in line with Imma also regarding Matteo Salvini’s policy and confessed:

Salvini’s policy on migrants is wicked in this sense: the meaning of humanity has been lost. It hurts me to see those images. It hurts me that a human being doesn’t reach out to the other. It is something that should touch everyone deeply. In my opinion, most Italians think like me.

Vanessa Scalera as Imma Tataranni. In the background the city of Matera / Photo: TPi

Vanessa Scalera is Imma Tataranni

A hugely successful television series, now in its second season, which has become a spearhead of the Rai 1 evening for the autumn 2021 season. timely investigations on episodes and rather thorny facts. Imma Tataranni has conquered the hearts of the evening audience of the small screen, presenting herself just like a normal woman, struggling with a delicate and difficult job, overwhelmed by family problems.

Imma Tataranni – Vanessa Scalera and Buccirosso in a scene from the successful TV series / Photo:

Full cast for the television series Imma Tataranni / Photo:


Let’s find out some curiosities about Vanessa Scalera:

  • she is a Celentano fan;
  • she became passionate about the show business as a child, doing imitations;
  • nurtures a great passion for poetry;
  • she likes to read and ride a bicycle;
  • he greatly admires the actors Elio Germano and Michele Riondino.

L’Arminuta (2021): scene from the film / Photo: UCI Cinemas


The leading actress of Imma Tataranni boasts over 20,000 followers on his Instagram profile. If you too want to follow Vanessa Scalera and not miss any of her updates, click HERE.

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