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IMY2 Lyrics & Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Album

Drake has released his long-awaited album Certified Lover Boy and it’s already making waves. The record includes a number of standout tracks, including IMY2 with Kid Cudi.

In the track, both rappers bask in their success and reflect on how music helps them find themselves. It also includes a posthumous sample from the late rapper Juice WRLD, who passed away in 2019. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable lyrics on IMY2!

N 2 Deep

N 2 Deep is a Vallejo, California based rap group founded in 1989. Known for their iconic 1992 hit single “Back to the Hotel,” N2Deep has remained a staple in the Bay Area rap scene for more than two decades. Their list of accomplishments is long, including producing several landmark albums on their indie labels. The best part is they still tour today and remain relevant in the eyes of a discerning aficionado.

Despite the fact that they’re still in business, N2Deep have a few major roadblocks to cross off their to do list, which is to say a lot of work has been left on the table for future generations of their band of brothers and sisters to enjoy. Hopefully, they can get back on track and deliver on their promises for the next chapter of their storybook. The biggest challenge is figuring out what to put first, and what to leave last.

Knife Talk

In the latest music video from Drizzy’s Certified Lover Boy album, the rapper has teamed up with 21 Savage and Three 6 Mafia’s Project Pat for the track “Knife Talk.” Directed by Pablo Rochat, the horror film-inspired video features noir-esque black and white visuals that include vintage cartoons and old archival clips.

Knife Talk has a minor key creeper feel, featuring a sample of Juicy Jay’s 2017 track “Feed the Streets.” In addition to the eerie vibe of the song, “Knife Talk” also flips the Memphis legend’s line, “Stick with me / Let the chopper bang on you like a blood or sausage.”

The video is sure to bring out some chills, especially when 21 Savage appears and takes his turn for the lyrical mic. The Toronto rapper, who is the son of the late rapper Lil Wayne, takes the spotlight in his debut verse. After spitting over the melancholic trap-orchestra instrumental, he delivers a quintessential Drake flow with his penultimate syllable stressing and drawing out each of his lines.


Fountains have a long and varied history that spans from serving the basic function of providing drinking water to being aesthetically pleasing pieces of art. During the Renaissance era, fountains became more complex, elaborate and grand. They were a way for rulers and royalty to show their power, wealth and honor.

During this time, fountains were found in monasteries, gardens and on palace grounds. They often portrayed Bible stories, local history and societal virtues.

A modern fountain can also be a musical instrument, combining moving jets of water with colored lights and recorded music to create a dramatic effect. Typically, these types of fountains use a computer to control the spray.

Decorative fountains have sometimes been an issue with water resource management, particularly in Arizona, where drought conditions can be severe. In Phoenix, city officials worried that the aesthetics of fountains, especially in the arid desert environment, could be interpreted as a sign that the Southwest’s limited water supply was being abused.


IMY2 is a Nashville, TN three-piece band that has been making a big splash on YouTube this year. They’re led by blue haired singer Annalise Mahanes, bassist and DJ Cal Tucker, and guitarist Michael Monahan.

The band writes and records pop music with a dose of confidence, individuality, and self-love. Their honest lyrics mixed with modern global production create a refreshing and previously unheard sound.

Their latest single, ‘Bubblegum, is an aggressive summer anthem that will be a favorite on every personal playlist. The track was created for those who have been belittled or denigrated, and it encourages people to stand up for themselves.

It’s a fun and colorful song that complements contemporary visuals that convey the band’s collective vision of self-acceptance and freedom for everyone to be themselves. It also has a serious underlying message that is sure to speak to the heart of listeners everywhere.

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