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If Ben Savage is single, then he must be dating someone right now. Although he’s never been married, he’s admitted to dating some celebrities, including American singer Fishel. However, he has never been married, and there’s no evidence of a relationship between the two of them. There are some rumors that he may be getting married soon, but if that is true, it won’t be a secret that he keeps.


Savage was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Joanne and Lewis Savage who worked as an industrial real estate broker and a consultant. His elder brother is actor and director Fred Savage, and his elder sister is actress and musician Kala Savage. 

Talented TV actor

The question of whether Ben Savage married is one that looms large over the entertainment world. The actor is 41 years old . He’s remained private about his personal life and appears to be enjoying his bachelor lifestyle. While he has appeared in TV series like Homeland and Criminal Minds, it’s still unclear whether he’s married or not. The actor is extremely talented, and handsome, but he hasn’t been rumored to be a husband.Savage took a break from acting in both film and television for three years, but he later made a guest appearance in Still Standing as Seth Cosella, the boss of Bill Miller, played by Mark Addy.

Rise to Fame

While he was in high school, Ben Savage’s fame soared after he played Matthew Lacey in the Disney movie “Boy Meets World”. The actor went on to reprise this role in the Disney sequel, Girl Meets World. In the mid to late 1990s, Ben Savage also starred in movies like She Woke Up and McDonald’s Family Theater Presents Aliens for Breakfast. The latter movie was a critical success and earned him a nomination for Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture.


While many people believe that Ben Savage is married, the actor has been single for many years. His relationship to radio-show host Jensen Karp in 2012 resulted in their first child, a boy named Jack. The actors are also parents of several children, including Kala, who is an actress. So, is Ben Savage married? It is still unknown. The star’s personal life is private but the rumors about his relationship with Jensen Karp are still alive and well.

Rumored Marriage 

Ben Savage’s marriage to Danielle Fishel came to light after he had a son with Jensen Karp in 2017. Both of them are enjoying their bachelor lives and deny any gay rumors. So, while he’s not married, his rumored marriage is not over yet. It’s a great way to stay in the spotlight. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to ask questions about Savage’s relationship.


Ben Savage is married to Danielle Fishel. She is a director and producer, and she is the sister of Fredrick. They have been married for almost two years and have two children. In the late 90s, he also appeared in a film called Aliens For Breakfast. This role catapulted him to stardom.

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