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is general mattis gay

As a retired Marine, General James Mattis has never been interested in the sexual orientation of his fellow service members. He has repeatedly said that efforts to include gay and transgender troops in the military weaken the military. The questions about Mattis’s sexuality will continue to surface as he takes on the role of Secretary of Defense. Let’s explore some of the more salient questions that need to be answered.

The first question that needs to be answered is whether Mattis is gay. If he is, he should be forced to openly declare it and come out to the public. As a former Marine, Mattis fought in the Persian Gulf War, and he has also criticized women serving in the armed forces. But he has never publicly expressed any feelings about his sexuality. And in recent years, he has questioned whether women are physically fit to fight in close combat.

The question “is General Mattis gay” is particularly relevant to his current position. President Obama fired Mattis in 2013 because he was too “hawkish” on Iran and out of step with his progressive policies. In addition, he has expressed sex-hatred feelings towards women. While his views may not be universally accepted, they are certainly worth considering. You can read Micah Zenko’s book Clear and Present Safety to learn more about him.

As for Mattis’ views on homosexuality, the incoming defense secretary was asked about his personal sexuality during a recent Senate hearing. Kirsten Gillibrand quoted Mattis’ 2015 speech and asked him about his views on the issue. When he was asked about his sexual orientation, the incoming defense secretary said that he had not changed his mind, but was instead looking for the best military readiness possible. But the question remains, is General Matis gay?

In addition to being gay, Mattis is a man of mixed sex. He is married with a woman, and he has a son. Both of these men are married. It is unclear if he is gay or not. He has a son, but is still a male. He was fired because of his views on Iran, but has since changed his mind. He said that he did not consider his sexual orientation in the past.

Mattis is openly gay. In his speech at the Senate, he described the military as a “social animal.” In his interview with the senator, he said, “I am a man of principle. I’m a conservative, but I’m not a racist!” The incoming defense secretary has also said that he is a “gay man.” A former Marine has asked, and answered no one.

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