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Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay

Accusation of being gay

Many people have been asking: is Tony Hinchcliffe gay? The British stand-up comedian is well-known for his sexuality and has been accused of being homosexual by his fans. However, he has maintained a straight status, and has never declared his sexuality. Despite his apparent sexuality, he has not shared much information on his personal life or his relationships online. His appearance and speech have been misinterpreted in many internet forums, causing some to speculate that he is not gay. Other internet users use the same argument to claim that he is straight.

Long history of Dating

Many people think that Tony Hinchcliffe is gay because of his openly bisexual personality, but this is simply not the case. While it may seem hard to believe, the American stand-up comedian and podcaster has a long history of dating and marriage. In fact, he announced in January 2016 that he would be performing a one-hour comedy special for Netflix. His earliest public appearances were during high school, where he developed a talent for verbal intimidation. On his first day of school, he was punched in the face by a bully.

BCC aired his Episodes

As a stand-up comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe has also been married but his marriage is not confirmed by any authentic source. The BBC aired some episodes of his stand-up show on their website, and his podcast has over 200,000 downloads per week. In the United States, Hinchcliffe has been spotted with Asian American comedian Peng Dang. The video of the episode was shared on Twitter, and Tony was suspended from two shows.


It has been speculated that Hinchcliffe is gay, but he has not publicly stated that he is. This actor and comedian has a married life. In 2015, he revealed that he was married, and his wife was Charlotte Jane. This led to many fans assuming that Tony was lying about his relationship status. Nonetheless, he has been spotted with Charlotte Jane since then.

A Controversial Topic

While the question of is Tony Hinchcliffe gay is a controversial topic, it is important to note that it is not true. The comic is straight and has a long-standing, successful career. His stand-up show has a high profile, but he has not confirmed his sexuality. On the other hand, he has a long-term relationship with Charlotte Jane, and it is unclear if he is gay or not.

Marriage Status is uncertain

It is important to remember that the comedian is straight, despite what many people might think. Although his marriage status is still uncertain, his love life has been largely positive. In 2015, he announced his marriage to a fan, and the two appeared together at the same time. 

Harsh Comic Style

While Hinchcliffe is a gay comedian, he is also a straight man. His comical style is a bit harsh, but he has not gotten into many fights with other comedians. In 2016, he was seen with his wife, Charlotte Jane. She did not respond to the comments and the situation was resolved. It was an unusual move for a comic who is so controversial.

Several TV Appearances 

Despite his recent controversy, Tony Hinchcliffe is a heterosexual. His stand-up shows have been filmed in various countries and he has a one-hour stand-up show on the Net flix in the United States. The actor has also appeared in several TV shows. While his marriage is a matter of private life, he has been rumored to be gay for several years.

Not in much Spotlight 

Despite his reputation as a gay comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe is actually a straight man. The controversy he has faced stems from his public appearances on television. He has been married for over a decade. He does not date women and is very private, and rarely posts details about his personal life. As a result, he has not been out of the spotlight much in the past.


He has a devoted fan base on Twitter. His Twitter account reveals that he’s gay and has a boyfriend. His marriage to his wife, Charlotte Jane, is the reason why Hinchcliffe has remained publicly single. Their love affair is a secret. They were married in 2015 and have no children yet. In 2013, he announced his engagement to his girlfriend Charlotte Jane.

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