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Ivanka Trump’s net worth

How rich is Ivanka Trump?

Since her daddy Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, Ivanka Trump has also been in the limelight more than ever before. Her youngest son Theodore, who was born in 2016, took his first steps in the White House, arguably the most sacred halls in the United States. Ivanka Trump moved to Washington with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children. A woman previously best known as an entrepreneur and model suddenly became an advisor to the most influential man in the United States. Sometimes she is even treated as a kind of unofficial first wife. This powerful woman has a proud cherished one Assets of 25 million euros.

Donald and Ivanka Trump's net worth
When many heads of state visited, including Angela Merkel’s, it was Ivanka who was in the front row. The fact that Melania Trump was initially seen less often at the side of husband Donald Trump has to do with the fact that the youngest Trump offspring should finish his school year in New York before moving to Washington DC. So Melania goes about her maternal duties while Ivanka presents itself on the international political stage and has already undertaken trips abroad in this context, for example a trip to Berlin at the invitation of the Chancellor herself.

However, she did not make her new political role rich and probably will not do so in the future either. The Madness Donald Trump’s heiress existed before she became politically active. Ivanka earned this money not only as a member of the Trump Organization, but also as a model and through her own fashion and accessory collections. Ivanka has caught an even bigger fish than she is – financially speaking. Her husband Jared Kushner’s capital makes Ivanka Trump’s fortune look almost small.

How did Ivanka Trump get her insane wealth?

The beautiful blonde already knew during her that Ivanka Trump is a clever little head Study of economics demonstrated. She initially studied at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She is therefore very familiar with her new place of residence. After two years she moved to the Wharton School of Business at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. There she received her bachelor’s degree in 2004. Ivanka graduated with the honor cum laude.

Successful as a model

Ivanka Trump's net worth

When Model However, the Trump daughter was already successful in 1997. Back then, teenage magazine Seventeen featured them on its cover. Ivanka then modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and other well-known fashion brands. Ivanka also published lifestyle products, jewelry and shoes under her name. However, a minor scandal broke out in connection with her father’s presidency. Nordstrom, a large US department store chain, took the Ivanka Trump collection out of its range. Then Daddy Donald had nothing better to do than to smell the company. The luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus also decided to no longer offer Ivanka Trump jewelry.

During her studies, Ivanka worked temporarily in the real estate industry. In 2005 she was hired by the Trump Organization. There she was the vice president for the real estate business. From the summer of 2015, Don, Eric and Ivanka Trump managed the entire group de facto alone. Donald Trump was finally busy campaigning for the 2016 US presidential election. However, Ivanka could no longer hold this position after her father took office. She left the Trump Organization and moved in on March 20, 2017 own office in the White House. However, there was no swearing-in as a civil servant. Ivanka does not receive a salary either. Together with her husband, the native New Yorker is said to be worth almost a billion euros. The famous couple should therefore have no financial worries.

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