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Jacinta Garay


Jacinta Garay is an actress and model who is currently single. She was married to 52-year-old Mike Garay for 10 years before they divorced because of misunderstandings. Despite the divorce, Garay seems content with being single. He is active on social media and maintains a profile under the name Mike Stanton.


Jacinta Garay has a unique taste in names. Her firstborn, Egidio Carlos Garay, has a soft “g” from Portuguese. The middle name, Moacir, is short for Moacir Santos. Another son, Kyricio, was originally supposed to be a boy, but Garay decided to change it to Kyrice, the middle name of her grandmother.


Garay was born November 8, 1989, and is of Puerto Rican and African American descent. Her parents were married for 10 years before separating. Jacinta Garay is currently represented by IMG. She was recently spotted in the stands at a Boston Red Sox game watching her son play baseball. During her first year as a single mother, Garay did not reveal her relationship status.


Jacinta Garay worked for the US Postal Service during the time of her marriage. After ten years, she and Mike decided to part ways. Although they still maintain a close relationship, they did not live together. The separation was hard on their children. However, Garay is the mother of three children, two boys and one daughter.

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