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James May Net Worth

James May is a well-known English person who works on TV, writes stories and articles, and talks on the radio or other media. He became famous for his work on the TV show Top Gear, where he was one of the main hosts for more than ten years. May has also been on TV programs like James May’s Toy Stories and James May’s Man Lab. He has written a few books, like James May’s 20th Century and James May’s Car Fever.

James May Early Life

James May was born in Bristol, a city in England, on January 16, 1963. He grew up in an average household in a neighborhood outside of London. May went to Pendle College at Lancaster University to study music. After completing her studies, she graduated with a degree in music. After finishing his studies, he got a job as an assistant editor at The Engineer and Autocar magazine.

May started working on television in 1999 as a co-host of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. He is now well-liked in the car world. May has also written for a few different magazines and newspapers, like The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. He has written many books about cars.

Writing Career

May started working for “The Engineer” and “Autocar” magazines as an assistant editor in the early 1980s. He got fired from “Autocar” in 1992 because he included a hidden message in the “Road Test Yearbook” supplement that said something not-so-nice about the work. May has also written for other magazines like “Top Gear” and “Car Magazine. ” In 2006, he published a book called “May on Motors” which is a collection of his articles. That same year, he co-wrote a book with Oz Clarke called “Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure.”They published a new book together in 2009 titled ‘Oz and James Drink to Britain.” James has written a few books about his TV projects. Some examples are “James May’s 20th Century” from 2007 and “James May’s Toy Stories” from 2009.

Television Career

In 1998, May showed the TV show called “Driven,” and in 1999, he helped present the original episodes of “Top Gear. ” He started working on the new edition of “Top Gear” in season two and was on the show for over 170 episodes before leaving in 2015. Even though James was known as “Captain Slow” on the show because he drove carefully, he actually reached very high speeds of 253 mph and 259. 11 From 2006 to 2007, he made a TV show called “James May’s Road Trip.In 2007,he created another tv show called” James may’s 20th century and a documentary titled”inside killer sharks. ” In 2008, he made a show called “James May’s Big Ideas. ” In 2009, he made documentaries called “James May on the Moon” and “James May at the Edge of Space.James May hosted a TV show called “James May’s Things You Need to Know” for one year. He also told a story in a documentary called “To Space”.& Back” in 2013. James also hosted a show called “James May’s Toy Stories” from 2009 to 2014. In one episode, he built a real house using LEGO bricks. He worked with Oz Clarke on a show called “Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure” from 2006 to 2007. They worked together again on “Oz and James Drink to Britain” in 2009. May hosted two television shows. The first one was called “James May’s Cars of the People” and aired from 2014 to 2016. The second show was called “James May: The Reassembler” and aired from 2016 to 2017. In 2020, he was the host of the cooking show called “James May: Oh Cook. ” and the travel documentary series named “James May: Our Man in Japan

James May Net Worth and Awards

James May is believed to have around $25 million of money and assets. He became rich from his job as a TV host and journalist. May has received many awards, such as the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Entertainment Programme for Top Gear, and the Royal Television Society Award for Best Factual Programme for James May’s Toy Stories.

James May is a guy from England who talks on TV, writes stuff, and does journalism. He is most famous for being on the show Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. May has done really well in his job and is worth around $25 million. He has received many awards for his work, such as the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Entertainment Programme for Top Gear.

James May Age and Height

James May is 57 years old right now. He is very tall, measuring 6 feet 1 inch or 185 centimeters.

Personal Life

James and Sarah Frater have been in a relationship since 2000. They live together in Hammersmith, West London. In 2020, the couple chose to go to a health clinic in Germany for a week. During their stay, May underwent a liver detoxification program. He later explained that after two days, he had a really bad headache and could barely see. I was very weak and shaking because I had not eaten. I went up to them and said, “This is very silly. ” I am currently on holiday and you have caused me to feel unwell. I need some food. In 2014, James signed a letter to the newspaper “The Guardian” saying he supports Scotland staying with the U.K.In 2020, May became co-owner of The Royal Oak pub in Swallowcliffe Wiltshire, which has been around since the 1700s. James got his pilot’s license for small airplanes in 2006. He trained at White Waltham Airfield and has since owned three different planes: a Cessna A185E Skywagon, a Luscombe 8A ‘Silvaire,’ and an American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon. May is someone who has a lot of fancy cars. Some of the cars May has owned are a Bentley, a Saab, a Rolls-Royce, a Rover, a Triumph, an Alfa Romeo, a Porsche, a Ferrari, another Porsche, another Ferrari, and a Fiat.

Real Estate

In 2015, May bought a big house with 5 bedrooms in Ansty for £770,000. He also bought a house in Hammersmith in 2000 for £325,000, and he bought a nearby run-down property for £310,000 in 2013. James destroyed two houses and started building a very expensive “superhome” in 2019.

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