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Jan Ullrich: The fortune of the ex-cycling professional

How much money does Jan Ullrich have?

In the past, Jan Ullrich was able to draw attention to himself primarily with his sporting successes. In 1997 he was able to Win the Tour de France, one of the most important cycling races in the world. No other German has ever succeeded in doing this. He had secured second place on the tour five times. He was fourth once. The following successes can also be attributed to him:

  • Two-time world champion in individual driving races
  • Winner of the 2000 Olympic Road Race

A fortune with cycling

Jan Ullrich's income
Jan Ullrich is therefore undisputedly one of the most successful cyclists Germany has ever produced. The assets in his account are or were correspondingly large. The cherished Jan Ullrich’s net worth is 8 million euros. After the end of his career he had a fortune of around 20 million euros, but spent with both hands. Unfortunately, especially towards the end of his career, Ullrich made increasingly negative headlines. In this context, the Spanish doping scandal “Fuentes” should be mentioned in particular. So the negative course took its course, many scandals and the fortune of the cyclist shrank more and more.

Ullrich’s involvement in this scandal even meant that he was no longer allowed to take part in the 2006 Tour de France. In 2012, the International Sports Court finally found him guilty. Even in the last instance, the ex-cyclist was able to die Doping allegations therefore not successfully reject it. Rather, all of his successes, which he had achieved since May 1, 2005, were completely nullified. It shouldn’t be too long before Ullrich publicly declared his cycling career over. This was already the case in February 2007, but he was still able to secure a large part of his assets.

In 2021 Jan Ullrich will be back with big plans

After he finally disappeared from the public eye in 2018, the former racing driver suddenly returned to the media in June 2021. With big plans, because he is planning the “Bike Center by Jan Ullrich” in his home town of Merdingen together with ex-cycling world champion Hanka Kupfernagel and business partner Mike Baldinger. A museum, a bike workshop and a restaurant are to be built. Ullrich also apologized publicly in the Badische Zeitung and admitted that he had gone through a very difficult phase including withdrawal.

More scandals about Jan Ullrich

Daughter Sarah is from the previous relationship with Gaby Weis, the sons then followed together with Sara Steinhauser. Jan Ullrich has lived with his wife Sara and their three sons in the north of Palma on Mallorca since 2016. In the summer of 2018, however, it was announced that the couple had split up. Sara returned to Germany with the three boys. Perhaps it was the many scandals surrounding her husband that at some point simply became too much for the woman at Ullrich’s side. After all, one of the greatest German cyclists of all time has something beyond the bike race track for everyone Lots of negative news taken care of. In 2002, for example, Ullrich was drunk in his sports car in Freiburg. He knocked over a bike stand. What was worse, however, was that he then escaped in an accident and was accordingly sentenced to a fine.

Jan Ullrich's fortune
In 2010 Jan Ullrich suffered from burnout. The next anything but positive headline followed in 2014. Under the influence of alcohol, Ullrich caused another accident. This time, however, two people were injured. The damage to property that occurred in the process is said to have amounted to several tens of thousands of Swiss francs. The court ruling then provided Ullrich with 21 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs. However, the sentence was given as a suspended sentence. Nevertheless, one’s own fortune shrank with every punishment.

The negative headlines about Ullrich never end

The next arrest took place in Mallorca in August 2018. Had there Ullrich allegedly rioted on the neighboring property of Til Schweiger. Some of Til’s guests are said to have felt threatened. Ullrich then stated that he suffered from ADHD. He wanted to go into therapy. However, only six days later there was another arrest in Germany. The charge that was in the room was dangerous bodily harm to an escort lady by Ullrich in a luxury hotel in Frankfurt am Main.

Jan Ullrich’s descent continued to run its course. He ended up in a psychiatric clinic and then in a rehab clinic. The next advertisement followed in September 2018. At the Hamburg airport, Ullrich Mayhem committed against a catering employee. Thus, the sad climaxes have been increasing since the end of his career and the supposed abysses of Ullrich’s soul become more than clear.

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