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Jean Pierre Kraemer (JP Performance): The Entrepreneur’s Fortune

How rich is Jean Pierre Kraemer (JP Performance)?

JP Kraemer, whose real name is actually Jean Pierre Kraemer, is cleaning up the German automotive scene, at least on the Internet. After all, there is currently no other YouTube channel that is more successful in the automotive sector in Germany than JP Performance. The entrepreneur and producer of web videos has already appeared on TV. The clever entrepreneur uses his appearances on television and on the Internet to make his company, JP Performance GmbH, whose headquarters are in Dortmund, even better known. The cherished Jean Pierre Kraemer’s assets are worth 10 million euros.

JP Kraemer’s career

JP Performance income
This career is on a solid footing. After all, JP Kraemer completed an apprenticeship as an automobile salesman at Porsche. Then he was sales manager at 9ff, a well-known Porsche tuner. Thus, in the course of his professional career, Jean Pierre Kraemer has definitely had the opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary for his independence. He has been successful with JP Performance since 2012.

Founded in 2007 JP with Sidney Hoffmann die Five Star Performance GmbH in Dortmund. Together they also got their own documentary soap in 2009, The PS professionals – more power from the pot, broadcast on DSF (now Sport1). The business premises as well as the workshop of the joint company served as the shooting location. In 2012 the business partners separated, whereupon Jean Pierre Kraemer founded his own company JP Performance GmbH with a car tuning workshop.

From his reports for RTL Nitro, for which the entrepreneur both 2106 and 2017 live at the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring was there, right up to his own YouTube channel, the current YouTube star has been able to expand his level of awareness more and more over the past few years. This even helped him take part in the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge at ProSieben. In 2014 he was able to secure third place and thus the bronze medal in this crazy competition. His participation in the Wok World Cup in 2015 should also be fondly remembered by many die-hard fans.

JP Performance has big goals

Merit of Jean Pierre Kraemer
Jean Pierre Kraemer has set himself ambitious goals, which he usually achieved. In August 2017 he opened his own fast food restaurant – of course not without announcing this beforehand in a very effective manner on YouTube. This business also plays into the hands of its main company, JP Performance GmbH. After all, the restaurant has its own showroom, so that car fans can admire some of the gems from Kraemer’s fleet there live and in color.

A few months later, Jean Pierre Kraemer hit the headlines again. Together with Jan-Erik Slooten and Lucas Luhr he had one Own racing team founded, which should take part in the ADAC GT Masters. The IronForce Racing Team started with a Porsche 911 GT3 R. In December 2017, the busy entrepreneur also announced that he would immediately appear as an importer for the wheel manufacturer Rotiform Wheels, which comes from the United States of America, one of the tuning nations.

Earnings with YouTube and online shop

Whether it was his appearance at Markus Lanz in 2016 or his participation in the big ProSieben Völkerball Championship in 2017, Jean Pierre Kraemer definitely knows how to put himself and his business in the limelight. His YouTube channel now has more than 1.5 million loyal subscribers – and the trend is rising. JP Kraemer has thus secured another mainstay in this way as well. In the end He also earns many thousands of euros a month with his YouTube videos. Karl Ess has already analyzed this and estimated JP Performance’s monthly YouTube income. Karl Ess has also included commissions, sales in the web shop and much more.

In any case, it is certain that JP Kraemer is very well positioned financially in view of his business assets, which he has earned and will continue to earn in the field of vehicle tuning. JP also has its own online shop with clothing from its brand JP Clothingwhich of course fills his coffers even further. JP has built up many pillars that all harmonize and interlock.

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