Jeff Durbin Net Worth

The total net worth of Jeff Durbin is estimated to be more than $5 million. He is an actor and producer who has been in several films, including The Untouchable (1997) and Leather Iron (2002). In addition, he is known for his role in Tunnel Vision (2013). While earning a lot of money as an actor, his net worth has not increased over time. He still has a lot of untapped potential, however.

Jeff Durbin net worth is an American actor and martial artist who earned five black belts in various disciplines. He founded his first martial arts school at the age of sixteen and has been involved in a number of movies, games, and live performances. He has also been a vocal opponent for the right to choose life over abortion, and has been married to Candi Durbin for over twenty years. Aside from his career in the martial arts, Durbin is also an activist and theologian. He has helped raise awareness for reproductive rights and has been a vocal leader in the anti-abortion movement.

Jeff Durbin net worth was born on February 27, 1978, in the United States. He is 43 years old and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. He practices Christianity as his faith. His net worth is estimated at $17.5 million. His personal details are not available in the media. Jeff Durbin has been married to Candi Durbin for over a decade. Jeff and Candi live in Tempe, Arizona. Jeff Durbin net worth began training in martial arts as a child and is a World-champion martial artist. He was trained by Master Francis Pineda in Judo and Tae Kwon Do, and he has even been in a movie with Tom Cruise.

Besides his career as a martial artist, he is an influential figure in the world of spirituality and Christianity. He has also spent his childhood in the European continent and began his career in hand-to-hand combat. His passion for the gospel has led him to become a leading Christian speaker and a frequent guest on radio and TV shows. His Apologia Church is a major media presence. Jeff Durbin’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $18 million.

While he has not disclosed his relationship status with his wife, he has appeared in various video games and other forms of entertainment. He is the President of One Christian Ministry in Arizona and the Pastor/Elder of Apologia Church in Tempe, Arizona. He is passionate about sharing his faith with the world and has spoken at numerous conferences and camps. Unlike many other celebs, Jeff Durbin has not disclosed his net worth.

After leaving his acting career, Jeff began his Christian career as a pastor. He was featured in the History Channel’s “The Stone Ages” and has since become President of One Christian Ministries. In addition, he also has a popular podcast and hosts a weekly radio show on KPXQ. His wife, Candi, is his wife of over 20 years. He has four children and two more were lost in pregnancy.

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