Jeff Gorton Net Worth

You may be wondering how much money Jeff Gorton has. Jeff Gorton is a former ice hockey executive from the United States. His current position is Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Montreal Canadiens. Before that, he served four seasons as the assistant general manager for the New York Rangers. In 2015, he was promoted to his current position. The following is a quick overview of Jeff Gorton’s net worth.

Gorton is currently paid between $4 and $10 million annually, making his net worth an estimated $17.8 million. While his salary is currently unknown, he has earned millions over the years and is well on his way to becoming the highest paid ice hockey executive in the United States. His net worth is estimated to increase over time, as he has enjoyed an extremely lavish lifestyle. His salary is currently higher than his salary in 2020, which will allow him to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle and take fancy trips.

His contract with the Rangers came with a price: he earned $33 million in 2007-08, and was the highest paid pro in the NHL at that time. He is a highly respected scout and was named assistant general manager for the Rangers in 2008.

Gorton’s net worth has increased over the past few years. He is currently working as the executive vice president of hockey operations for the Montreal Canadiens. He is perhaps best known for driving the rebuild of the Rangers team a few years ago, and his net worth is growing as a result. Gorton is also working on overhauling the disappointing Canadiens, who recently fired Marc Bergevin.