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Jennifer Aniston: The Actress Net Worth

How much money does Jennifer Aniston have?

Jennifer Aniston is undisputedly one of the leading ladies in Hollywood. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife earns many millions of euros every year with her films and advertising deals. Especially when it comes to romantic comedies, Jennifer Aniston has already made many profitable box office hits. Still, her most famous role is on “Friends.” As “Rachel” Jennifer starred in the 1994 NBC series. The show quickly became so popular that over 20 million people watched it. But the show didn’t just lead Jennifer to her groundbreaking career. Rather, she has also risen to become a fashion icon, which was mainly due to her haircut. At that time, anyone who wanted the same haircut as her had only to ask for “The Rachel” in a salon in the USA. In any case, the actress is popular and her great career does not last. Jennifer Aniston has an esteemed Assets of 265 million euros.

A steep upward career

Jennifer Aniston's Income
Funny is the fact that Jennifer Aniston herself didn’t like that back then popular haircut could find. She is even reported to have said that this was the ugliest haircut she’s ever seen. However, that would have been a small price to pay for a great career. Already for this star role, the actress received a number of important critical awards. In 2002, for example, she won an Emmy, while she was guaranteed a Golden Globe in 2003.

Incredible salaries at “Friends”

After “Friends” made Jennifer a star, ended after 10 years. The series finale, which was broadcast in the United States of America in May 2004, was viewed by around 52.5 million viewers. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer was also aware that “Friends” was a real stroke of luck for a young actress:

“Friends was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. The show gave me everything, all the professional opportunities I have now and these wonderful people I got to know through Friends. I owe all of that to this series. “

the Fees for the successful series “Friends” were impressed:

  • Season 1: $ 22,500 / episode ($ 540,000 total)
  • Season 2: $ 40,000 / episode ($ 960,000 total)
  • Season 3: $ 75,000 / episode ($ 1.875 million total)
  • Season 4: $ 85,000 / episode ($ 2.04 million total)
  • Season 5: $ 100,000 / episode ($ 2.5 million total)
  • Season 6: $ 125,000 / episode ($ 3.125 million total)
  • Season 8: $ 750,000 / episode ($ 18 million total)
  • Season 8: $ 750,000 / episode ($ 18 million total)
  • Season 9: $ 1,000,000 / episode ($ 24 million total)
  • Season 10: $ 1,000,000 / episode ($ 18 million total)

Friends should come back in a big comeback with the old cast in an 11th season. Whether and when that will actually happen remains to be seen. The fact is that these will be record fees.

The Morning Show (Apple TV)

In 2019 Aniston took part in the Apple TV series “The Morning Show”. At the side of fellow actress Reese Witherspoon, she collected a staggering 1.25 million US dollars per episode of the series. That’s $ 12.5 million for 10 episodes.

Jennifer Aniston went from a series star to a cinema star

Jennifer Aniston's net worth
By the way, your cinema career didn’t just begin when the last episode of “Friends” was broadcast on TV. Rather, Jennifer was already seen in the cinema from 1996 – albeit initially only in small roles and sometimes in films that did not go well with the critics. In 1997, however, an Aniston film quickly followed with “The Booked Man”, which also appealed to the critics. In addition, Jennifer should already have one for this flick Gage of a respectable 2 million US dollars have received. For the movie “Rock Star” from 2001, her fee had grown to 3 million US dollars.

In 2003 it was the comedy “Bruce Almighty” that would seal the fate of Jennifer Aniston. The film grossed almost 400 million euros at box offices worldwide, of which the native Californian was able to take home 4 million. While the actress is doing fine financially, she has gone through one failed relationship after another. Not only did her marriage to Brad Pitt not last. She has also been separated from her current husband Justin Theroux since 2017. The fact that in the eyes of the US magazine People, Jennifer is always one of the “50 most beautiful people in the world“Heard, could not help her to eternal love happiness either.

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