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Jenson Button McLaren Net Worth and Salary

How Enough Is Jenson Button?

Jenson Button, who was born in Great Britain on January 19, 1980, is one of those successful Formula 1 drivers who have already clinched the world championship title. With a former Annual salary at McLaren of 11.8 million euros Button was a big number on the Formula 1 payroll and earned more than the German Nico Rosberg. Drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen, his compatriot Lewis Hamilton and the Spaniard Fernando Alonso were always ahead of him. Since the Englishman announced his retirement in the 2016 season, he is currently only available as a substitute driver for McLaren, but wants to continue to provide advice on the further development of the team and the vehicles. His salary for this position is said to be £ 5 million.

Jenson Button net worth
Button received the 11.8 million already mentioned for driving alone. This does not include income from advertising deals or points. The Briton has promotional deals, among others, with the Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer and with the company P&G for the anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders. With this additional income and with placements in the points, he can easily add another million to his salary. The We now estimate the Formula 1 star’s fortune at 100 million euros.

Jenson Button’s career

Jenson Button’s passion for motorsport was discovered at the age of eight when he was allowed to do his first laps on the kart track. After an obligatory career in smaller racing series, he made the leap into the premier class in 2000. His history and career within Formula 1 is one of the most eventful of all.

During his first season, which he drove for Williams, you could tell that he was his faster driver, but for that reason alone would not have expected that he would one day win the world championship.

Just a year later, Button moved to Benetton, the team where Michael Schumacher became world champion for the first time. Although Button was to stay with this team for another year, the team name officially changed to Renault, so technically Button drove for a different team the following season.

Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata

Jenson Button with wife Jessica Michibata

However, Button should only experience really strong races at British American Racing – BAR for short – where he won in 2004 after a strong season third place in the overall ranking occupied. The downside of the coin, however, was that BAR never had a clear chance against the two Ferraris, which took the first two places that year. In the following season, too, the team was unable to maintain its position at the top, and there were also financial problems. In 2006 the team was rebuilt and renamed Honda, although this realignment also brought little success. At the end of the 2008 season it was clear that Honda would withdraw from Formula 1. This became manifest at a time when all cockpits were already occupied by drivers and it almost looked as if Button would be without a cockpit for 2009.

But then everything turned out differently: Ross Brawn bought Honda and has now secured a spot with his own team called Brawn GP Button. Button’s salary at that time was 5 million euros – very little at a time when Formula 1 drivers earned even better. But now he was in a competitive car and won the world championship with ease.

As of 2010, Button drove for McLaren with an annual income of 12 million euros and since then has been able to add some podium places and points to his statistics.

Buttons greatest successes

  • 15 races won
  • Gestated 8 times from pole position
  • Finished on the podium 50 times
  • 2009 Formula 1 World Champion (Brawn GP)

Owned by Jenson Button

If one wanted to generalize, one could assume almost all successful Formula 1 drivers either in Switzerland or in the Principality of Monaco. Indeed it is Jenson Button lives in Monacowhere he owns an apartment. However, he does not only reside there to save taxes, but mainly because he simply likes it on the French Côte d’Azur. For example, he bought his family a luxurious property in the picturesque town of Villefranche, which is just a few minutes from Monaco, and you can sometimes find him in the Ship & Castle, a Scottish pub on Monaco’s smaller harbor.

Next to his Property in Monaco Button also has a Luxury property in Bahrainwhich took several years to complete. He had already commissioned this villa during his time at Honda in 2005.

Furthermore, Button invested in a Upscale restaurant in Great Britain, which was called “Victus”. However, this investment was not very successful and the restaurant had to close after only a few months.

Like many Formula 1 drivers, Button owns very expensive private vehicles. His collection includes a Ferrari 512BB, Built in 1976 as well as a Mercedes-Benz C DR520 Valued at £ 63,680. He sold his Bugatti Veyron as the most expensive and fastest production vehicle in the world for the equivalent of almost one million euros. A Nissan GT-R that he bought for £ 65,000 had to leave Button’s garage after just a year.

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