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Jesse Watters Height

Jesse Watters is a well-known political commentator. He is a co-host of The Five on Fox News and hosts Watters’ World.

He has also written a book called How I Saved the World, which debuted at number one on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list.

He has two children from his first marriage, twin daughters named Ellie and Sophie. He also has a son from his second marriage.

Height and Weight

Jesse Watters is a conservative political commentator who is known for his no-holds-barred interviews. He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, and he has an average body frame.

He was born on ninth July 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in the Germantown and East Falls neighborhoods before moving to Long Island in New York with his family. He went to William Penn Charter School and then to Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

After graduation, he started working as a production assistant for Fox News. He eventually moved to the production section of The O’Reilly Factor in 2003.

During this time, he met the woman he would later marry, Noelle Watters.

They got married in 2009 and were happy living together until it was revealed that he was having an affair with his co-worker Emma DiGiovine. The marriage soon ended due to this reason and they divorced. Despite everything, they still have twin daughters Ellie and Sophie and love spending time with them.


Jesse Watters was born on 9 July 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a political commentator. He is popular on social media and has over a million followers on Twitter.

He is a writer and producer who hosts a weekly segment on the Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor called Watters World. He has also appeared as a guest host on Fox News’ talk shows Outnumbered and The Five.

The conservative American political commentator was born in the Germantown and East Falls neighborhoods of Philadelphia. He attended William Penn Charter School through junior year and later graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a bachelor’s degree in history.

He joined Fox News in 2002 as a production assistant and later began hosting the show Watters’ World. During his time on the show, Watters was accused of a racist Asian slur in a segment about Chinese Americans. This was criticized by Asian American members of Congress and media people such as Mazie Hirono and Judy Chu.

Biographical Information

Jesse Watters is an American political commentator and host of the weekend program Watters’ World on Fox News. He has been with the network since 2002 and began his career as a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, where he conducted signature man-on-the-street interviews.

He is registered to vote as a member of the Conservative Party of New York State. He graduated from William Penn Charter School in junior high and later attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history.

His parents, Stephen Watters and Anne Watters, were both teachers. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a twin sister and a son.

He was previously married to Noelle Inguagiato (2009-2019) and is a father to twin daughters, Ellie and Sophie Watters. His ex-wife filed for divorce in 2018, stating that he was having an affair with her producer, Emma DiGiovine. They later reconciled, and Watters became engaged to DiGiovine in August 2019. Their engagement was announced in December of 2019 and they tied the knot in July of 2022.

Net Worth

Jesse Watters height is a well-known American political commentator who works for the Fox News channel. He is a very popular personality and attracts a large number of fans.

He has a high-paying salary at Fox News. In addition to that, he also gets extra income from his various small business ventures.

Watters was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 1978. He is the son of Stephen Watters and Anne Purvis Watters.

His father is a teacher and his mother is a child psychologist. He has one sister named Aliza Watters.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in history from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. After graduation, he started working as a production assistant at Fox News.

He married his long-term girlfriend Noelle Inguagiato in 2009. They are blessed with twin daughters, Ellie and Sophie, in 2011. The couple separated in 2018. However, they later got back together and wedded Emma DiGiovine in 2019. Their marriage was a happy one.

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