Jim Adler Net Worth – Find Out How Much He’s Worth and Who He’s Married To!

The total net worth of Jim Adler is over $12 million. Aside from his law firm, Jim Adler has his own personal investments. His family and law firm are the source of much of his net worth. He has received many awards and inclusions in the Martindale-Hubbell directory of top lawyers. Read on to learn more about Adler’s net worth. And see who he’s married to!

Adler lives a healthy life. He has abstained from alcohol and is often seen jogging in the morning. He joined the army shortly after finishing high school, where he found a passion for legal work. He also attended the University of Texas School of Law. His net worth is an impressive sum. And in spite of his varied work history, Jim Adler’s health is his top priority.

Adler is a father to four children. He has one daughter and four sons. He is also a grandfather to 5 grandchildren. Adler is married to Deborah Adler, whom he married in 1980. He is a family man, and has four children and five grandchildren. His eldest son works as a lawyer at his law firm. So, he aims to pass on his wealth to his children.

Adler’s net worth is estimated at $12 million, which is enough to support his lavish lifestyle. Considering that Adler’s annual salary is estimated to be $200 thousand, the net worth of Jim Adler is substantial. He owns four law firms and earns about $200K per year. Moreover, he is a very active person, who stays fit and healthy. It’s safe to say that he earns well and has given back to the community.

In addition to being a lawyer, Adler also has a prolific reputation as an author and speaker. His second book, titled “MailChimp: An Insider’s Guide,” was published in 2016 and discussed the company’s growth story and marketing strategies. In addition to his law firm, Adler has made appearances on “Shark Tank” and he’s won seven million viewers in 2015.

As of 2017, Adler has an estimated net worth of $12 million. With an estimated salary of $200K a year, his wealth is enough to live a healthy life. Adler is a personal injury attorney best known for his television commercials, The Texas Hammer. He was born in Texas and studied at St. Mark’s School in the nearby town of Lubbock, Texas. In 1973, he opened his own law practice in Houston.

Adler is an American-born Personal Injury Attorney. He is best known for his television ads and is known as the “Texas Hammer.” He holds a US citizenship and has lived in Dallas for four decades. He has a law firm named Jim Adler & Associates since 1973. Adler began his career as a hearing officer for the Uniformed Services Civilian Health and Medical Program. While there, he honed his skills as a lawyer, which has resulted in a large net worth.

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