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joah-mikel reyna

Joah-Mikel Reyna – Valorant Agent Joah-Mikel Reyna

A Radiant who loves blood spilling, joah-mikel reyna is a dangerous agent with an aggressive and savage nature. She is not afraid to kill her enemies, and will do whatever she has to in order to get what she wants.

Reyna was born on November 13, 2002, to professional soccer players Claudio and Danielle Egan. She has Portuguese and Argentine descent.

She’s a Radiant

She’s a Radiant, which means she’s an enhanced human with the ability to kill people. She also has the power to suck the souls of her victims.

Her lore mentions that she has a cynic’s view of the world, and she believes that she and her fellow Radiants are superior to non-Radiants. She also has a fetish for technology and is a fan of the ethereal eye.

She’s a bloodsucker

Reyna loves her sister Lucia so much that she would do anything to save her. To do that, Reyna uses some of the life energy she gains from souls she eats to keep her alive.

Reyna’s ultimate allows her to enter a frenzy, increasing her fire, equip and reload rate dramatically. It also improves most of her skills.

She’s a tech user

A self-taught engineer, joah-mikel reyna loves to break stuff. This is reflected in his YouTube channel where he has amassed over 12.4 million subscribers.

Reyna has a bit of a cynical view towards the world, but she still feels that technology is the future. She is not afraid to use her powers to wreak havoc on the world she believes in.

She’s a cynic

Reyna has a cynical view of the world because she’s been through a lot to get where she is. She thrives on the misery of her enemies and enjoys competing with her fellow Radiants to see who’s the strongest.

She has the ability to absorb life energy from her victims’ souls. This can give her a powerful advantage over other agents who cannot heal, and helps her to keep her sister alive.

She’s aggressive

Reyna is an aggressive agent who masters one-on-one combat. Her kill-to-death ratio is among the highest in VALORANT, and she is capable of unbalancing rounds with aggressive multi-kill plays.

She has a strong arsenal of abilities and can use Soul Orbs to fuel her skills. She also has a unique ability that makes her invulnerable for four seconds, called Dismiss. This allows her to take down large groups of enemies using hit-and-run tactics.

She’s bitter

She’s not a fan of tech users, and she often mocks her fellow agents who use machines.

However, she has a special bond with her sister, Lucia, whom she wants to save from the Kingdom Corporation. She’s also a strong opponent against the Radiants and their evil practices.

She’s a healer

Besides Giovanni Reyna, she has two siblings named Joah-mikel Reyna and Carolina Reyna. She also has a father who is a professional soccer player.

She is a good healer and has no problem helping others. However, she is not very close with her family and lost her parents when she was only 10 years old. She is a hard worker and does her best to make the most of her life.

She’s a hunter

Reyna can suck soul orbs from her victims, and she can either use them to Dismiss (Her E ability) or Devour (Her Q ability). She can also suck the blood of her victims, which helps her heal up.

She’s the daughter of Claudio Reyna and Daniella Egan Reyna, both of whom were professional football players at some point in their lives. She’s also the second oldest of four siblings.

She’s a thief

During development, her codename was “Vampire.” This name fit her skillset perfectly because she sucks the life energy from her victims.

Reyna’s sister, Lucia, was terribly sick and she wanted to keep her alive as long as possible. So, she set up a system with VALORANT Protocol agents that allows her to transfer some of the life energy she gets from killing enemies into Lucia.

She’s a spy

There are a lot of things that motivate people to become spies, but one of the most common reasons is ideology. The ideological spy commits espionage because it makes them feel good about themselves.

A spy who is ideologically driven is also usually very emotional and very determined to do what is right. This is because they believe that they are doing the right thing for their country.

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