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It is still unclear whether Joe Santagato is dating a woman. The former athlete and YouTube sensation has been very low-key about his relationship status. Despite his large fan base, he has remained very secretive about his personal life. As a former skeleton national champion and Youtube star, he has a large number of fans. Therefore, it is not surprising to see some rumors about the celebrity’s love life.

It is not known if he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is not publicly known. Previously, he used to keep his personal life secret and would maintain strategic distance in debates. Moreover, he is a straight guy and does not have a wife. His relationship status is relatively unknown as he is a YouTube sensation and has never been married. However, rumors about his girlfriend are circulating in the web, and if he had a wife, she would probably be very happy and content with that.

In terms of his dating life, rumors about his girlfriend are plentiful. Besides the media frenzy, there are also rumors about his personal life. While he is not married at the moment, Joe used to keep his private life secret and would maintain a strategic distance from the debates. He is not gay and is a very straight guy. The only thing we know for sure is that he does not have a girlfriend, and he is not currently engaged.

Despite being a popular YouTube sensation, Santagato has remained out of the spotlight for much of his career. At thirteen, Joe started making YouTube videos. He nagbed his mother to let him use a video camera and began making parody sketches. In 2015, his mother and two brothers decided to give him a camera. The video he uploaded was one of his first public videos. The rest is history.

While Joe used to be very private about his personal life, he has since opened up. He is not gay. But he is very straight and has no alleged affair. He was dating Sammy Rickey for about four years. During that time, the two started a podcast together. In addition to his Youtube channel, he has also gained fame for his weekly videocasts. The pair met on a dating site.

As a YouTube personality, Joe Santagato is 29 years old. He was previously in a relationship with a woman named Sammy Rickey. Their relationship ended because of their personalities clashed. The two did not get along and he is currently dating a man named Sammy Rickey. Although Sammy is not a confirmed partner, they have a close friendship. The couple has three daughters.

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