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Joey Kelly: The Extreme Sportsman’s Fortune

How much money does Joey Kelly have?

As a member of the Kelly Family, which was especially celebrated in Germany for its musical hits, Joey Kelly once inherited around 1.4 million euros. When you consider how rich the entire family was in their prime, there’s not much left. But the father of four is no longer considered a multi-millionaire. The wealth of the musician and extreme athlete has meanwhile become relatively small. The cherished Joey Kelly’s net worth is $ 2 million. After all, Joey Kelly made an impressive career turnaround. After all, he is rarely a musician these days, but is often active as an athlete, which the TV audience last laughed at on “Schlag den Star” in 2017 despite his victory.

New career paths

The Kelly Family Fortune
Because there Kelly didn’t cut a fit figure in the fight against the former winner of “Germany is looking for the superstar”, Alexander Klaws. It was even rumored that the victory of the Bonn election could not have turned out right after all. After all Joey injured himself at the beginning of the show on the knee, so that he could never have won if there had been more sporting challenges in the later course of the TV format.

However, you have to give the musician credit for being mentally incredibly strong. Because he knows that it is worth fighting for your own goals and always pushing your limits. That Joey Kelly did that too Comeback of the family of musicians was there, made many fans even more happy. The musician himself, who could probably use the money from the sales of the concert tickets, was surprised that the siblings were able to celebrate such a brilliant comeback on stage again. However, Joey does not mind the frequent travel and the early waking up. Because at 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. at the latest, the music-making athlete gets up every day anyway.

Joey Kelly’s career

Joey Kelly's net worth
Joey Kelly was one of the few family members who stopped making music after leaving the Kelly Family. The sport appealed to him, but a solo career was never interesting for the native Spaniard with American and Irish roots. Nevertheless, the comeback must be an incredible sense of achievement for him too. The musician estimates that the Kelly Family gained a good 30 percent new fans to have. Many of the fans weren’t even born when the Kelly Family first achieved success. Nevertheless, even the little fans already know the lyrics by heart – really impressive.

Joey Kelly owes his professional success not only to his membership in one of the most successful music clans in Europe. For more than a decade, he has also participated in almost all of Stefan Raab’s sporting events, who have since withdrawn from the public. So the athlete Joey Kelly was always present. Whether at the Ultraman Hawaii in 1998 or the Badwater Run, which is considered one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world. Likewise, Joey has often participated in the Wok World Championships, high diving and the Stock Car Crash Challenge. But he was also at many other sports events and delivered great performances. The father of four has repeatedly Proven bite and stamina and will probably continue to do so in the future.

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