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Johannes B. Kerner: The fortune of the TV presenter

How much money does Johannes B. Kerner have?

Johannes B. Kerner has been present as a presenter on numerous TV programs for 35 years. He achieved enormous popularity in talk and quiz shows as well as in sports. For example, he moderated the soccer broadcast ran in Sat.1 as well as that Current sports studio on ZDF. The cherished Johannes B. Kerner’s assets are 12 million euros.

The income from Johannes B. Kerner

Johannes B. Kerner earns good money both as a presenter and as a TV producer. After his early years on television, he was brought to Sat.1 in 1992 to be part of the football broadcast ran to become. The moderator already belonged at this time among the highest paid television presenters and thus laid the foundation for his current fortune. In 1998 Kerner founded the company JBK TV-Production, with which he among other things his ZDF show Johannes B. Kerner produced. In 2004, Kerner and Markus Heidemanns founded a second production company called Fernsehmacher. This produces various shows for broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, Sat.1 and VOX. At the beginning of 2010, Kerner sold his 50 percent stake in Heidemanns and thus withdrew from the company. Kerner also appeared in the course of his TV career as a testimonial for companies such as Gutfried, Air Berlin and Bonaqa. For this he was of course rewarded accordingly and was able to further increase his wealth.

The beginnings in television

Income from Johannes B. Kerner
Johannes B. Kerner studied business administration after graduating from high school in 1983. However, he soon became more interested in going into the media. Therefore, he broke off his studies without a degree and did an internship at Sender Freie Berlin in 1986. As he started his career, he also built his fortune. Then he stayed with this station and was able to use his Live out your enthusiasm for sports as a moderator of sports programs, also professionally. From 1990 to 1992 Kerner was also one of the presenters of the show Point 5 country report to be seen on ARD.

Johannes B. Kerner on ZDF, on Sat.1 & Co

In 1992, Kerner switched from public television to the private broadcaster Sat.1. There it belonged to him Team of moderators for the soccer broadcast ran when it started in 1992. In 1996 and 1997, Kerner also presented the Sat.1 talk show named after him Kerner. In 1997 he went to ZDF and became a moderator there Current gym. He also presented the annual review of the station called People as well as the show Our best.

In January 1998 the broadcast Johannes B. Kerner on ZDFwhich ran weekly until 2002 and four times a week until 2009. At the end of 2004 the special was launched for the first time Kerner is cooking which became a weekly feature due to its popularity. In May 2008, Kerner handed over the moderation of the cooking show to Markus Lanz. This also took over the broadcasting slot for Kerner’s talk show after Kerner switched to Sat.1 in October 2008. There he hosted a program called again until 2011 Kerner.

An excellent moderator

Since 2013 Johannes B. Kerner can be seen again on ZDF, where he shows shows like The quiz champion, A heart for children, You’ll never think of it! and The big Terra-X show moderated. He is also the host of the talk show Best cast on MagentaTV and also moderated the broadcast of the 2021 European Football Championship for the Deutsche Telekom broadcaster. He will take on the same role at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Kerner has been committed to combating racism for a long time. 2021 became him Awarded the Cross of Merit 1st Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his social commitment. Johannes B. Kerner has been a guest in many shows, including The duel around the world by Joko & Klaas.

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