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John Alite Net Worth


With such a successful career, John Alite can be considered an extremely wealthy individual. His net worth is estimated to be anywhere from three to five million dollars. His contributions to the entertainment industry have included writing, acting, and presenting. He has also been associated with many famous brands throughout the world. However, if you’d like to get a better idea about how much money Alite makes, read on to learn more about this prolific writer’s net worth.

Net worth

Aside from being an actor, John Alite has a large following on social media. His book, Gotti’s Rules, has helped him to gain immense fame. He’ll likely have a net worth of $3 million by 2022. However, it’s not known how much money he will make in the next few years. As an actor, Alite’s net worth is likely to increase, but the numbers are still uncertain.


John Alite’s childhood was spent in Woodhaven, New York. His parents were generous in their love and guidance. He attended a leading institution to earn his degree. Alite has a fit body and a dashing appearance. He stands at 5’8 inches, and his net worth is modest. However, his fame continues to grow. He has a humongous social media following. Among his followers, he frequently shares personal photos and videos.

Dark Side of John Alite

You may be wondering how much John Alite is worth. He was involved in some low-level drug murders. In addition, his wife, Carol, divorced him. He was once a member of the Gambino gang. In addition, he cheated on his wife on a regular basis. During the Gotti and Carneglia trials, he lied about many of his activities.

Failure of Married Life

Alite’s wealth has risen considerably after the divorce of his wife, Claudia DiPippa. The former wife of Gambino associate Charles Carnesi is also worth close to $30 million. She’s reportedly a stepmother to John’s children. However, Claudia DiPippa keeps her personal life very private. It’s not clear whether or not the two are still together. Alite’s net worth is estimated to increase in the coming years, but his wife’s remarriage and divorce have given him a solid foundation for his success.


John Alite’s wealth rose in part due to his acclaimed career. He first rose to fame with his book Gotti’s Rules and has recently been starring in Netflix’s Fear City: New York Vs. the Mafia. The two have spent over $10 million together. Despite his wealth, Alite’s personal life is not a low-maintenance existence. Aside from his career, he has a high net worth.


Despite his high profile, Alite’s net worth is still growing. His income from writing has largely been successful, and he expects to see his net worth continue to increase as he continues to gain recognition in the United States. Moreover, he also has two children with wife Carol, so his wealth is expected to continue to increase in the years to come. In 2021, Alite will be 58 years old.

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