John Geiger Net Worth – Is Teddy Geiger Really Worth $4 Million?

After working at Darrelle Revis’ business firm, John Geiger has turned his attention to the sneaker industry. He’s now a mega-brand, whose sneakers sell out within minutes of releasing. Geiger has become the go-to designer for celebrities, including Odell Beckham Jr., Kyle Kuzma, and Teyana Taylor. The designer has faced criticism over his designs, but he has responded to the comments with a candid and informative interview.

While he’s known as a hip hop star, Geiger’s musical talent is far more diverse than his net worth would suggest. He has several tattoos, including two on his face and five on his head. One reads, “Sky,” and the other is an ink of Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller, who was Geiger’s high school classmate. Geiger’s tattoos have also led him to start a clothing line dedicated to the city, which he does not wear often.

Although Geiger’s net worth is in the millions, his humble beginnings have contributed significantly to his success. In college, he worked for Mr. John cleaning port-a-potties and worked there every summer until his graduation. While attending college, Geiger was also an assistant to Sto-Rox basketball coach Ryan Hughes. In his later years, Geiger also began designing hotels and furniture. And while he is no longer working for Nike, he’s still very busy working on projects that will help the community.

Aside from being a singer and songwriter, Geiger is also a music producer and has worked with many celebrities over the years. Geiger started his career as a singer, but now focuses more on songwriting and production work. He was signed to Columbia Records as an artist, but is now a producer as well. He has been credited with a net worth of $4 million. If you’re wondering if Teddy Geiger is worth that much, read on!

Despite his modest income, Teddy Geiger still has an impressive wealth. Among his many sources of income, Teddy Geiger enjoys an active internet presence. His net worth is expected to grow exponentially. In 2021, Teddy Geiger will be worth USD $2.4 million. That’s an impressive amount of money, especially given his varied career. The next time you visit Teddy Geiger’s website, you’ll discover what he’s up to!