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Jon Olsson: The Freestyle Skier & YouTuber Fortune

How rich is Jon Olsson?

In the summer of 2018, Jon Olsson finally married his Janni. It is not only going well for him in his private life. After all, the Swedish athlete is a few million euros. He earned his fortune not only as an alpine ski racer and as a freestyle skier. In the meantime, Jon has also gone into business with his company Douchebags. His YouTube channel already has more than a million subscribers. The athletic Swede has thus built up a number of pillars. The cherished Jon Olsson’s net worth is 7.5 million euros.

Athletic career

Credit to Jon Olsson
in the He first got into the spotlight when he was 16 years old. Incidentally, the talent for this sport seems to run in the family. Jon’s brother, Hans Olsson, is also an athlete. He appears as a ski racer. Jon himself has won nine medals so far. His awards at the Winter X Games also include the Big Air gold medal from 2008. He can also adorn himself with two silver and six bronze medals.

In 2005 he celebrated another success at the Freestyle Skiing World Championships. In the halfpipe discipline, he still secured a good fifth place. Even if Jon Olsson is not one of the most successful athletes in this field, he still has a very good income. That may also have something to do with the fact that he’s just a cool guy. Otherwise his YouTube channel would not have got off to a great start. Also be Main sponsor, a ski company called Head, is helping Jon Olsson make good money.

Jon Olsson likes to be in the limelight

Jon Olsson likes to stand out. The fact that the Swede likes to be in the spotlight is certainly an important part of his success. His too impressive car collection has already made headlines in recent years. Jon Olsson also took part in the Gumball 3000 races. The majority of his vehicles were specially made for the Swede, who has a penchant for a cool camouflage design in black and white. Jon Olsson is converting the sports cars together with the Dutch auto tuner Absolute Motors. Jon has already made good money with his cars by selling some of these unique pieces of jewelry for a profit. These are just a few of the rolling collectibles Jon already owns:

  • Audi RS6
  • Rolly-Roce Wraith
  • Mercedes-Benz G 550
  • Lamborghini Huracan

Jon Olsson's income
His wife Janni has also opted for a somewhat unusual career. She appears as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. The couple travels around the world together and also documents their adventures on YouTube. In 2018, Jon also announced that he would donate $ 1,000 to charity for each of his vlogs that did not appear on YouTube as planned, but rather late.

Also as the creative director of Douchebags Jon is busy. The company offers bags and luggage that are both practical and stylish. Whether trolley cases, backpacks, camera bags or bags for equipment from the field of skiing and biking, Jon Olsson’s company has all of this on offer for its customers. The label consciously relies on a neutral color palette. Many of the douchebags are offered classically and elegantly in black. In addition to the high functionality and long-lasting design, the brand also attached great importance to the weight of these travel bags as low as possible. After all, as a globetrotter, Jon Olsson knows all too well what is important.

Image sources:
Cover picture: @Jon Olsson / Facebook
Jon Olsson Portrait: Giorgio Montersino [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Car: Matt Czarnocki / Flickr [CC-BY-ND 2.0]

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