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Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh gave birth to a baby boy, named Joseph Michael, on Sept. 18. He was 61 years old. Walsh and her husband, Casey Jennings, share the baby’s name. Their sons are Justin, Christopher, and Joseph. They are also survived by their four brothers, Jeff and Randall Jennings, both of Little Rock, and Kevin Jennings of Memphis. Joe was born May 11, 1957, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was educated in public schools in Pine Bluff and Marianna, Okla. He attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering. He was a member of the Chancellor’s List, which means he was among the top students at his university.

Joseph Michael Jennings’ parents were originally from Canada. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings. The couple married in September and welcomed the baby in November of that year. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces. In September, Kerri Walsh announced the upcoming birth. A few days later, she revealed his name: “Joseph Michael Jennings.”

Joe was born in June and was named after his father, Joseph Jennings. He is the father of three children – Joe Michael, Sundance, and Scout. He is married to Kerri Walsh, who is from California. They have two daughters, Lauren and Isabella, and a son named Joseph. Besides his wife, Kerri, and Casey also have a daughter, Hilary Clark.

Joseph Michael Jennings’ parents were married in July 2009, and they had a son named Joseph in October. He weighed eight pounds, ten ounces. The couple announced their pregnancy in September. The names of the newborn child were shared earlier this month. He was named after his father. He is the proud father of one son and his wife is the mother of three. There are no details about the baby’s future.

Joe was born in Las Vegas on July 10, 1975. He married Kerri Walsh in 2006. They had three children, Joseph Michael and Sundance Thomas Jennings. He had two sons and a daughter by the same woman, and they divorced in 2015. Their sons weighed eight pounds, ten ounces. The couple announced the baby’s pregnancy in September and shared the name this month.

The couple is now parents of a baby boy named Joseph Michael Jennings. He married Kerri Walsh in September. The couple also welcomed their son, who weighed eight pounds and 10 ounces. He and his wife were married for almost two years. During the last one, the couple had a child who died in a car accident. But the name was not the only reason they became parents.

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