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The former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco is reportedly dating rapper Mike Stud, the daughter of former model Josie Canseco. The two began dating in 2015, when Canseco appeared in a music video with her dad in a bra and a pair of pants. The relationship was initially tense, as Canseco’s father threatened to shoot him if he abused his daughter. However, the couple was able to get along and eventually started a relationship. The couple’s relationship hit a rough patch in 2018 when Canseco’s father threatened to shoot Stud if he mistreated his daughter.

In late 2019, Canseco dated rap star Mike Stud for a short period of time. The pair were first linked when Canseco was starring in a YouTube music video and later on the rapper’s reality TV show. The two have been dating since 2010 and grew closer with each passing month. They reportedly met at a songwriter’s showcase in New York City, where Canseco was filmed performing his new music.

Canseco dated Mike Stud for a period of two years. Although it is not yet known if the couple were ever married, they are a happy couple. Earlier, they had been in a long-term relationship. According to the New York Post, Canseco and Stud were allegedly together in May 2012. In June 2018, Canseco announced their separation. Neither of them has spoken publicly about their relationship.

Josie Canseco and Mike Stud were reportedly dating for three years. The relationship lasted for three years before it was called off in 2019. While the two are still friends, the two are no longer romantically linked. While the relationship was rumored, they have yet to confirm their split. Both can’t be denied as long as they are still in love. And while the couple were once together, it is unclear if they’re going to work out in the future.

In June 2016, the two became friends. The two dated for three years, but in March, they split up. In April 2019, they dated again and now have a baby girl named Jack. In July 2017, they remained friends. The relationship ended in September 2016. The couple separated in 2018. They are both half Cuban and signed with Next Models Los Angeles. Despite the recent breakup, it is possible that they are still dating.

The two were engaged for three years before they decided to separate. Their relationship was a flurry of drama. In December 2016, the couple had a daughter named Josie Canseco. The relationship was rocky, but the two were reunited on June 4, 2021. Previously, they were in a relationship for four years, but later, she confirmed that she was still single.

The two were previously in a long-term relationship, which ended in a split in February. While the two were very close, they have also been in several other relationships. Her most notable one was with rapper Mike Stud, who she was dating for three years. In June of 2020, she would confirm whether or not she is still single. In the meantime, she will continue to date Logan Paul.

The relationship was strained, and the two were never engaged. The former couple remained friends for more than a year after their split, and are still not married. They do have a child together, but are currently not engaged. But she did meet again in September of 2005. It is not known if she will marry Stud. Nevertheless, the two have a history of having a child, and Josie is a good mother and wife.

The two are currently single. Canseco and Stud first dated in 2015, but a year later, she dated Bryce Jenner. Both of them are 18 years old, and they have a son, Michael Canseco. Canseco’s parents are both famous in the media, and they have a daughter, Josie. The couple also have a son, who is also known as Brody.

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