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Julien Bam: The YouTuber’s Fortune

How rich is Julien Bam?

At least most German celebrities don’t like to talk about money. But Julien Bam is not afraid to speak openly and honestly about his income. In September 2017 he disclosed his YouTube earnings. Julien Bam’s monthly YouTube salary is 21,200 euros. But life as a YouTuber is also expensive. Over 5.7 million subscribers and more than 1.3 billion video views have made Julien Bam one of the most successful YouTube stars – alongside Bibi, Dner and Gronkh – in all of Germany. It is therefore not surprising that the native of Aachen earns a five-digit amount a month. The cherished Julien Bam’s net worth is EUR 1.5 million. By 2020, however, he would like to say goodbye to his main channel completely and no longer post any videos on it. The “Bulien Jam” channel will, however, remain active.

That’s how much Julien Bam earns as a YouTuber

Julien Bam's fortune
Almost 30 million video views a month mean for Julien Bam received a monthly salary of 21,200 euros as a YouTuber. But of course the tax authorities also want to see their money. In the highest tax bracket, Julien Bam has to pay 45 percent of his earnings to the German state. About 11,600 euros are left over per month. However, all fans who are amazed at these sums of money should consider that the star is investing around 2,500 euros in a video shoot. Julien Bam pays 3,200 euros a month for his house. Then there are the ancillary costs and insurance. He puts this sum at an impressive 3,450 euros.

Surely this is a life on a large scale. The fact that his team also earns 13,500 euros per month and the internet star produces four videos a month, However, according to this calculation, this would lead to a loss of around 19,000 euros per month. So something can’t be right with the YouTuber’s numbers. It should be noted that Bam can of course deduct the costs for his team and the video shoots from tax. Julien Bam also earns money through sponsorships, for example with his advertising for Fanta. As an influencer, he gets paid a decent sum for sponsored posts. However, the YouTuber does not say exactly how much that is. His cash drop is therefore incomplete.

The path to becoming a YouTube star

About the life of Julien Bam, the public mainly knows what the video producer himself has revealed. This includes the fact that he was born in Aachen, where Julien Bam now lives again. He spent part of his youth in Singapore, where his mother was born. His ancestors also come from China, Indonesia, the Czech Republic and Romania. His Vietnamese roots also prevailed in the appearance of the web video producer. In his videos he says himself that he will be himself Has acquired knowledge in the field of film technology and photography as well as his practical skills.

The Aachen-based company put his first video online in February 2012. He often shows his breakdancing talent in his videos. For three years he was active as a dance teacherbefore giving up that career in favor of YouTube. Already in 2015 he received a great recognition. He received the 1 Live Krone for his video “Most Epic Dance Moves”. In 2016 he even won the German Web Video Award as “Person of the Year Male”.

In the same year there was another 1 live crown for Julien Bam. The extremely rich young star has also been able to realize himself in the cinema – if only with his voice. For the film “Despicable Me 3” he was allowed to give the robot Clive his voice. Thanks to the cooperation with In 2018, the YouTuber got2b also got the chance to bring his own hairspray onto the market. He has now also opened his own dance school, the BamSchool. Financially, Julien Bam now has a lot of fire in the iron. Since 2018, Julien Bam has also appeared as a juror on the TV format “Masters of Dance” and is certainly not badly paid for by the ProSieben broadcaster.

Money as a voice actor

The smart Youtuber has already given his voice to several animated films and also earns good money as a voice actor:

  • 2017: Despicable Me 3 (Clive)
  • 2019: Everest – A Yeti aims high (Jin)
  • 2020: Sonic (Sonic)

Image sources:
Superbass [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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