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Kerstin Ott: The fortune of the German singer

How much money does Kerstin Ott have?

Thanks to her song Always laughing The then hobby singer Kerstin Ott became known overnight at the end of 2015. This also laid the foundation for their current success and the assets associated with it. Since then she has released three extremely successful albums, each of which has achieved platinum status and high positions in the German charts. She also recorded duets with Helene Fischer and Howard Carpendale. The cherished Kerstin Ott’s assets amount to 3 million euros.

The sources of income of Kerstin Ott

Income from Kerstin Ott
As a singer, Kerstin Ott earns her money with her music. In the course of her relatively young career, she has already sold more than 2.5 million records. Alone the single Always laughing, which the producer duo Stereoact released in 2015, has more than 1.5 million sales. So far, the song has been streamed around 65 million times on Spotify. In total, Ott records around 950,000 streams per month on the platform. In addition, there is further income from the advertisements in front of her music videos on YouTube, with which she continuously increases her fortune. At the end of 2019, Ott completed her first tour of Germany and earned additional money by selling tickets and merchandising.

Surprising first release

Kerstin Ott has been singing since her Childhood that was really not easy. She grew up partly in children’s homes and also in a foster family. The music was perhaps some consolation for Kerstin Ott. She took part in talent competitions and was part of the choir of songwriter Rolf Zuckowski. Still, singing remained just a hobby for a long time. Instead, she earned her living in her apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. In addition, she performed as a DJane.

In the year 2005 she took the song for a sick friend Who always laughs It burned CDs and distributed them to the audience during their DJ appearances. A recipient then posted the song on YouTube. The producer duo Ric & Rixx discovered him there in February 2014 and created a remix. It published this on YouTube in April 2014, where it quickly attracted attention. Under the name Stereoact, the duo released the remix as a single on the Kontor Records label at the end of 2015. This started a steep upward career and Kerstin Ott’s fortune also grew.

Triple platinum for debut

Credit to Kerstin Ott
The song Always laughing von Stereoact featuring Kerstin Ott reached second place in the German and Austrian charts in February 2016. For over 1.2 million sales in Germany he was awarded a triple platinum record. The overwhelming success prompted Ott to give up her job and concentrate entirely on music. Their debut single Shit melody launched them in August 2016. It reached number 31 in the German sales list and even received a gold record for over 200,000 copies sold. In addition, Kerstin Ott’s first album, released in December 2016, was entitled Heart dweller Sold more than 200,000 times and awarded a platinum record. In the German charts it rose to fourth place.

Kerstin Ott and her duets with prominent singers

In August 2018, Ott released her second long-playing record Courage for disaster. It reached number 3 in Germany and also sold over 200,000. The song on the album Rainbow colors she brought out in December 2018 as a duet with Helene Fischer. He stayed in the German charts for nine months. The third album by Ott, I have to tell you something, came out in November 2019. Like its two predecessors, it was awarded a platinum record and even reached number 2 in Germany. The song was on the new edition released in February 2020 Because of you (at night when everything is asleep) as a duet with Howard Carpendale.

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