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Visit the Kim Carton Convenience Store in Toronto

Kim Carton is a renowned entrepreneur and television personality. She is best known as the former wife of American radio host Craig Carton.

They first met through a mutual friend and married in a private ceremony. They share four children together.

Kim’s Convenience

You might know about iconic movie and TV set locations in big cities like New York or Los Angeles, but sometimes you can get to visit the real-life place where the scenes were shot. For instance, you can visit the Kim’s Convenience store in Toronto if you’re a fan of the Canadian comedy series.

Developed from a play by Ins Choi, Kim’s Convenience stars Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as the cantankerous Appa and Jean Yoon as Umma. They run a variety store in a diverse neighborhood of Toronto, Canada.

They also have a daughter, Janet (Andrea Bang), who is an artist. They have an estranged son, Jung (Simu Liu), who has not spoken to Appa since he was 16.

Ins Choi and Kevin White wrote the series, which has been re-distributed on Netflix, but sadly, it was canceled before five seasons were finished. Its cancellation is a shame, as Kim’s Convenience has an impressive cast and a great storyline.

Kim’s Market

Located on the Northway, Kim’s Market is a convenience store that sells a variety of products. It offers fresh fruits and vegetables, imported ingredients, spices and more. It also stocks cold beverages and dairy products.

Kim Carton is a famous entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the business world. She is a co-owner of a clothing boutique store named Valley, which is named after her home town Huntington Valley.

In September 2013, she and her long-time friend Jackie Brookstein started their own business together. They decided to collaborate on a business because they wanted to have a place where they could shop for clothes.

The store is located in New York’s Tribeca and has been a major contributor to the growth and development of the neighborhood. More malls and restaurants are now being set up nearby.

Kim’s Cafe

The titular store is run by Mr. Kim and his wife, Janet (who has an interest in becoming a store owner herself). Her father is usually present when she’s running the store, but is absent when it’s her turn to work at the counter.

The family also has a church festival and Mr. Kim is hesitant to make Janet sing in front of the congregation because she doesn’t have a good voice. Jimmy also makes fun of Mr. Kim when he bakes the nanaimo bars instead of his wife, making several sexist assumptions that cooking is not manly.

Calling Parents by Their Name: One customer’s son uses the same name as her babysitter, which confuses Mrs. Kim and sparks a conversation about how people should be courteous when calling each other.

Potty Emergency: During one of their shifts, Mr. Kim gets ill and fights his urges to go to the bathroom. It is later learned that he had ate the aforementioned ravioli.

Kim’s Culture

The sitcom “Kim’s Culture” is a delightful micro-dramatic examination of a Korean immigrant family running a convenience store in Toronto. It takes a refreshingly deft approach to the complexities of cultural identity, and rejects many stereotypes with breathless ease.

In addition to the characters’ individual personalities, Kim’s Convenience explores the ways in which culture shapes relationships within the Korean community in Canada. This is especially evident in Appa’s (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) relationship with Umma, who has a traditional background but lacks the superficiality of his father.

The show’s cast also has a number of compelling romances and backstories, all of which are balanced across gender. This is a notable shift in the sitcom genre, which largely skews male.

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