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KIZ: The fortune of rappers

How much money does KIZ have?

If you like ironic and sarcastic texts, you cannot avoid KIZ. The band, which consists of three rappers Maxim, Nico & Tarek and DJ Craft, has built a loyal fan base over the past few years. But how much wealth did it make? KIZ has a valued Assets of 2.4 million euros.

KIZ – the members


Tarek Ebéné was born in Freiburg im Breisgau. His mother is German-Cameroonian and his father is Nubian. He moved to the Mediterranean coast of Spain with his family as a child. When he moved to Berlin as a teenager, he met Maxim. The two rapping together even before KIZ was founded. He is also known as Skinhead Black or Nubian Prince.


Maxim Düner grows up in Berlin-Kreuzberg and has french roots. You can hear on the song Tanz that he also speaks the language. Together with Tarek he starts rapping at a young age and sometimes calls himself “The White Giant”. Together with Nico he is committed to Die PARTTEI.


The fees from KIZ
Nico Seyfrid grew up in Berlin-Hermsdorf. He started rapping at the age of 15 and later dropped out of sociology studies to pursue a rap career. When he joined KIZ, he called himself Euro8000, but later changed this name to his bourgeois one. Together with Grzegorz Olszówka he forms the formation Wass Bass. They produce both hip hop and techno tracks and release the album in 2012 “The Germans from the Future”. Nico is also known as a bat man.

DJ Craft

Sil-Yan Bori was born in Berlin in 1985 and has Hungarian roots. He practiced as a DJ from an early age, namely when he was only 13 years old. As a DJ he not only supports KIZ, but also other bands such as the Drunken Masters. He also works with SEK, Instead and Rotfront.

Joint career

At the beginning of her career, KIZ was under contract with the underground label Royal Bunker. Other well-known artists such as Kool Savas, Sido, Kay One or Eko Fresh were also under contract there at the beginning of their careers. There KIZ released the first album “Das RapDeutschlandKettensägeMassaker” in 2005. The following year the mixtape was released “Böhse grandchildren”, Which brought them more attention for the first time. In 2006 they were initially the opening act for the “Bloodhound Gang” and at the beginning of 2007 they went on the! DonnerwetteR! -Tour with Prinz Pi and Kollegah. In the summer of 2007, the band’s first real album was released with the support of the major label Universal, and it entered the German album charts at number 9.

The following album “Sexismus gegen Rechts” also made it into the top 10. “Sexismus gegen Rechts” was the last album to be released together with Royal Bunker. “Vacation for the Brain,” which was released in 2011, was released by Universal and stormed to number 4 on the charts. The band members took 4 years for the next album, but in between they released the mixtape “Ganz Oben”. This was sold exclusively on the website. Especially the video for the song “Ich bin Adolf Hitler”, in which Hitler is played by the Jewish comedian Oliver Polak, received a lot of attention. 2015 finally appeared “Hurray the world is going to end”And became the band’s first number 1 hit. The single of the same name, which was created with the singer of the band AnnenMayKantereit, was also very successful. In 2017 KIZ appeared under the pseudonym “Die Schwarzwälder Kirschtorten” as a hit group.

Assets of KIZ

Although the members of KIZ have to share the income, each individual has a substantial fortune. This comes on the one hand from the income from their albums and singles, but above all from live performances.

1 Income from KIZ Music

The assets of KIZ
In total, KIZ released 5 albums and 2 mixtapes. 2 of the albums received a gold award and were thus sold over 100,000 times. While the album “Hahnenkampf” took a few years to reach the gold record, the newer work “Hurray, the world goes under” reached gold status very quickly. The single of the same name also went gold, but 200,000 units have to be sold here. Since KIZ is with a major label, they earn around one euro per CD. Projects like the mixtape “Ganz Oben”, which they sold exclusively through an online shop, wash additional money into the coffers.

2 Live performance fees

Although KIZ has been successfully selling albums and singles for many years, they still make the most of their live business. Since the beginning of her career, KIZ has played a lot live, the halls are getting bigger every year. They are also at festivals a popular act and always come up with a creative stage show. The concerts on International Women’s Day, in which only women are allowed to take part, have become legendary. They were also the opening act for stars like the “Bloodhound Gang” or “Die Ärzte”. The fees for these live performances contribute perfectly to the assets of KIZ.

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