The Fortune of The Emigrant Konny Reimann

Konny Reimann


2 Million Euros
Place of residence
O’ahu, Hawaii, USA
Date of birth
10 September 1955 (age 65)
Born in
Hamburg, Germany
Marital status
married to Manuela Reimann (since 2003)
Entrepreneur, TV personality
Full name
Konrad Reinmann
2 (Janina, Jason)


How much money does Konny Reimann have?

Konny Reimann is probably the most famous emigrant Germany currently has to offer. Konny Reimann would probably never have dreamed of what moving to the USA would mean for his family. After all, the trained refrigeration system engineer has made a millionaire and can now enjoy his life to the full in Hawaii. Konny Reimann can look back on an estimated fortune of 2 million euros. However, it all started in Texas, where the Reimann’s from the “Goodbye Germany! The emigrants ”were filmed in their everyday life from 2006 onwards. By the way, Konny Reimann was seen on television for the first time in 2004. Back then, on “Extra – Das RTL-Magazin.”

The Reimann’s – an extraordinary life on RTL 2


Other TV appearances followed, which show that Konny Reimann has now made it into a real celebrity in Germany. In 2010 Konny, whose real name is Konrad, was seen in the “TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge.” In 2011, she participated in “The Perfect Dinner.” From 2013 the Reimann’s even got their own show. This was mainly due to the family’s popularity with the German TV audience. “The Reimanns – An Extraordinary Life” became a hit television. In addition, the title of the series describes the life of Konny Reimann, Ms. Manuela, and their two children well. The series is a big hit on RTL 2.

The sympathetic family can now look forward to a large fan base. The cult emigrant was also able to further increase his level of awareness in his old homeland through the following TV appearances:

  • The Pool Champions – Celebrities Underwater (2013)
  • Five against Jauch (2013)
  • The DIY King (since 2015)
  • The big RTL2 – celebrity bowling evening (2016 + 2017)
  • The fair kings (2016)
  • Konny Goes Wild! (2019)

The life of Konny Reimann

Konny Reimann Family

A whole new life began for Konny Reimann in 2004 when Ms. Manuela Reimann won a green card. Gainesville, in the northeastern US state of Texas, quickly became the new home of the Reimanns . While the family settled in with their two children Jason and Janina, they were accompanied by a camera team from RTL Extra. At this point, the Reimanns were still leading a fairly simple life and were far from being millionaires. But even then, the TV audience was primarily aware of Father Konny. This may not only be due to his distinctive look with a mustache, ponytail, jeans and his trademark, the cowboy hat. Instead, the audience also appreciated the typically North German manner of Konny.

The family has seen a total of 84 times on RTL before the docu-soap “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants’ family from Texas devoted more and more airtime over the years. Konny Reimann quickly made it clear that he had a great vision for his life in the USA during the filming. He bought a piece of land in Gainesville, which was located directly on Moss Lake, and built a kind of holiday resort there. This had three guest houses to offer, named after districts in Hamburg, Konny’s hometown. The resort was quickly named “Konny Island” and was incredibly popular with tourists from Germany.

Konny Island in Texas and Hawaii

Although Konny had fulfilled a dream with Konny Island, the family did not always want to stay in Texas. Konny and Manu Reimann have since moved to Hawaii and live on O’ahu. Konny Reimann’s move from Texas to Hawaii will certainly not have been that easy. After all, he only put around 50,000 euros into his three guest houses called Blankenese, Dithmarschen, and Schenefeld. Konny worked day and night with a lot of heart and soul until his resort was finished. Above all, the harbor bar and the lighthouse on Konny Island show how passionately Konny Reimann approached this project. Meanwhile, Konny Island 2 in Gainesville, Texas, has been sold for approximately $ 510,000.

This is what Konny Island looked like on Moss Lake before it was sold:

There is now Konny Island 3 on O’ahu. There are at least two guest houses here, so Konny Reimann’s dream lives on in the American paradise of Hawaii.

Vacation with the Reimann family on Konny Island in Hawaii

The Reimanns generate substantial additional assets through their guest houses. As a holiday guest, you could already go on vacation to Konny Island in Texas. The property has now been sold. There is now a new travel destination for Konny fans: Konny Island in Hawaii. There are two apartments to choose from, either for up to 2 or 4 people. Currently, you can only book the smaller apartment. The price for 2 people per night is $ 150.

That is the equivalent of 143 euros for 2 people per night. A week costs 1000 euros for two, plus food, flights, and extras such as excursions. Maybe Konny Reimann will even prepare breakfast for his guests for an extra charge? You can easily book via

How rich is the Reimann family?

Konny Reimann

The entrepreneur has understood one thing. The more sources of income he has, the greater his wealth. The more he and his family are secure for the future. If you want to go on holiday with two people on Konny Island, you have to pay 1,000 euros for a week. The Reimann family also runs their own homepage . There you can buy not only the famous Konny sauces but also numerous fan articles. The Konny Island Steak Sauce costs 4.75 euros for a volume of 430 ml. Here is the bulk, a nice additional income, if you sell Konny’s sauce in pallets.

In demand advertising face

His open manner has even brought the Hawaiian by choice of various advertising income. Among other things, he has already been seen in several TV spots. For this, too, he has certainly received a proud sum. At the beginning of 2020, a large advertising campaign for Lidl also started.

  • Müller rice pudding
  • Altenloh, Brinck & Co – Spax screws
  • Halberstädter – grilled sausages
  • Ford – off-road vehicle
  • ProHaus – extension houses
  • Lidl – craft articles

Biography & books

The fact that Konny Reimann published his autobiography in 2008 at the age of 53 also speaks volumes. Namely about how famous his person is. In 2009 he also published a barbecue bible, and a comic followed in 2010. Konny Reimann has grown from a simple refrigeration system builder to a clever business person. That also shows his wealth. The cult emigrant is allowed to have over 2 million euros in his account looking forward. Anyone who thinks that Konny now wants to lean back and relax wrong.

This man can’t sit. Still, so many more exciting projects are sure to be planned. The fees for the TV series “The Reimanns” alone could have given the family a financial blessing of up to 750,000 euros. Also, the fan base is also increasing due to the television series. That, in turn, brings potential new customers to the Reimann family’s online shop or vacationers on Konny Island in Hawaii.

Manuela Reimann with “Just Kiddies”

Incidentally, his wife, Manuela, is hardly inferior to her husband. Because she runs an online shop called “Just Kiddies .” The children’s shop should not only flourish online in the future. Instead, the opening of a retail location is in the works. The shop has a wide range. Manuela Reimann not only sells baby and children’s clothing there. There are accessories for children, as well as bags and bags. You can also buy shower items for the little ones and toys there. A proud achievement, especially when you take a closer look at the articles. High-quality products, exceptional design, definitely worth ordering!

Father Konny is also already dreaming of new dreams. When he’s not surfing in the Pacific Ocean, he wants to open a karate school. Through which he got to know his wife, martial art has been an essential part of his life for 40 years. One can be curious. With the Reimanns it is not boring. They create themselves again and again with it also their various sources of income.

With everything that the family has built up, especially father Konrad, has shown perseverance. He knows that you have to stay on the ball – even when things get tough. Otherwise, the success of the Reimanns would certainly not have been possible in this form. During the construction of Konny Island in Gainesville / Texas, there were one or two setbacks. Nevertheless, Konny Reimann just carried on happily and has meanwhile become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

He also gives a tip for other emigrants that should be heeded. ” Emigrating without money is totally naive . ” At that time, he himself had start-up capital of 100,000 euros and was able to increase it enormously. But not everyone will succeed in this as well as Konny Reimann Net Worth.



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