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How much money does Lacey Chabert have? Based on our research, Lacey Chabert net worth has earned around $4 million. She made a lot of money because she had a very successful career in entertainment. the famous actress who works in movies and does voice-overs.

Lacey Chabert Early Life

Lacey Chabert, who was born in Purvis, Mississippi on September 30, 1982, is an extremely talented and versatile actress from America. Chabert is an amazing actress who is loved by people all over the world for her natural charm and incredible talent on screen. She has won the hearts of audiences with her impressive acting in movies and TV shows. Chabert comes from a mix of Italian, Irish, and English backgrounds, which makes her interesting and different. When she was young, she started acting in school and local plays. It was clear that she had a lot of talent, which later amazed people all over the world.

Chabert became famous for her part as Claudia Salinger in the well-liked TV show ‘Party of Five. was on between 1994 and 2000. The way she behaved when she was a young girl going through difficult times after her parents died, showed that she was able to show her emotions strongly and make people really enjoy being around her. Besides her impressive TV work, Chabert has also left a big mark in the film industry. She became popular in show business by providing her voice for the character Eliza Thornberry in the animated show ‘The Wild Thornberrys. and the movie based on it. Her lively performances showed how versatile she is as an actress, as she skillfully made a cute and adventurous young girl come alive.

Lacey Chabert Career

After being successful, Chabert started acting in movies of different types, like romantic comedies and thrillers. One of the roles she is well known for is when she played Gretchen Wieners in the popular teen movie “Mean Girls” in 2004. Her performance as the likable yet unsure character became very famous and helped make the movie very popular.

In addition to her on-screen acting, Chabert has also made important contributions as a voice actor. She was the voice of Eliza Thornberry in the cartoon show “The Wild Thornberrys. ” She made the character come alive with charm and depth.

Chabert has always shown a strong commitment and hard work towards her career. She is very talented and can play many different roles. She can play serious and emotional characters as well as funny characters really well. She is really good at making people feel connected to her and she makes her roles come alive. This has made everyone in the entertainment industry admire and love her.

Lacey Chabert Voice Acting Career

She started doing the voice for Eliza Thornberry in the show ‘The Wild Thornberrys. on Nickelodeon in 1998, and she kept doing it until 2004. She played the character Eliza in the movies ‘The Wild Thornberrys Movie. in 2002 and ‘Rugrats Go Wild in 2003. She also provided the voice for a minor character in the animated film ‘Balto 2 Wolf Quest. in 2002. She provided the voice for Gwen Stacy in the animated TV show called ‘The Spectacular Spiderman.  The show was on TV for only one year, from 2008 to 2009.

During the 1990s, the person mentioned appeared in a few commercials and did some voice acting for television shows like ‘Gargoyles. The Goliath Chronicles, Aaahh. Real Monsters, Hey Arnold. Hercules, and Rayman. The Animated Series. They also sang as a child character in the Disney movie Anastasia. in 1997 and had a small role in the 1998 movie Lost in Space. They were the voice for the character Meg Griffith in the first season of Family Guy. before Mila Kunis took over in the second season, which started in 1999. Except for Mean Girls, she mostly picks roles in small movies, TV movies, or voice acting gigs.

Lacey Chabert Personal Life

Lacey Chabert got married to David Nehdar after dating for a long time. Actually, they were together for a long time. In September 2016, the couple had a baby girl named Julia. Right now, she lives in her own home in California. Actually, she lives with her husband and daughter in a very rich and happy life.

Lacey Chabert Social Media

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Lacey Chabert Awards

She was chosen for a Young Artist Award for being the best young actress under ten in a TV movie. This led to her winning many more awards. She received a prize for her performance on the TV show ‘Party of Five. She has also appeared in other cartoon shows like The Wild Thornberrys. and The Spectacular Spiderman.  This showed that she is talented at acting in different roles, and both critics and fans liked her a lot.

Lacey Chabert Height And Weight

In this informative piece, we will explore and explain Lacey Chabert’s height and weight, and also share some other interesting facts about her. Lacey Chabert is about 5 feet 2 inches tall, which is 157 cm. She weighs 53 kilograms, which is equal to 116 pounds. This article has everything you need to know about Lacey Chabert, so read the article thing to learn about her and many other details.

Lacey Chabert Nationality

Lacey Chabert net worth is an actress from America. She is well-known for being in different movies and TV shows. Lacey Chabert became well-known because of her acting in movies like Mean Girls. She did the voice work for a cartoon called The Wild Thornberrys.  She is proudly American. Lacey Chabert, who grew up in Purvis, Mississippi, started acting when she was young. She appeared in TV commercials and began acting on TV in the late 1990s. She became well-known for her role as Claudia Salinger on the TV show Party of Five. This helped her get many other jobs in both TV and movies.

Lacey Chabert Real Estate

Lacy and David bought a house in Tarzana, a suburb of Los Angeles, in November 2019. They paid $1.9 million for it. They used to have a fancy apartment in West Hollywood.


Lacey Chabert started her career when she was young and has become more and more famous as she grew up. She has acted as various characters in different movies, like Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, and she has also voiced characters in The Wild Thornberrys. It’s clear that she really likes her job, and she also loves God and her family very much, which has inspired her to do good.

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