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Lady D, all about Diana Spencer: age when she died, place and date of birth, family of origin, parents, siblings

Lady D, who passed away at 36 years of age, before being able to carry out many of her private and public projects, today she would have turned 60. The strength of her charisma is such that, twenty-four years after leaving us, Diana Spencer is still alive in the memory of her loved ones and those who knew her. Let’s find out who the Princess of Wales was.

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Who was Lady Diana?

Lady D was from 1981 to 1996 the wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. After divorce from her spouse, she retained the title of Princess of Wales but without the treatment of Royal Highness, while remaining an official member of the royal family as the mother of the future king. This occurs for the first time in the history of the British royal family.

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Age when she died

Princess Diana died at the age of 36, the victim of a terrible car accident that took place on the night of August 31, 1997 in Paris, leaving emptiness and dismay in all the people who knew and loved her.

Place and date of birth

Lady D was born in Sandringham on 1 July 1961, under the astrological sign of Cancer.

Sandringham is particularly known for the royal residence of Sandringham House, one of the most beloved abodes of Queen Elizabeth II and several of her predecessors. Near the royal residence are the stables that house most of the horses of the Queen of England.

Family of origin

That of the Spencers is one of the oldest and most important British families, closely connected with the Royal Family for several generations.

Parents of Lady Diana

Diana Frances Spencer, also known as Lady Diana or simply Lady D is the fourth of five children of the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp (nee Frances Roche, later Shand Kydd). Both parents hoped for a son to carry on the family name, so the girl was not initially given a name, until a week later it was decided on Diana Frances, in honor of an ancestor of the family. Spencer, Diana Russell, Duchess of Bedford, and her mother.

Lady D: the splendor of a princess / Photo: Il Mattino

Diana was baptized in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena.


Diana had two sisters and two brothers: Sarah, Jane, John and Charles. John died only 10 hours after birth. The death of the child and the desire for a further heir upset the Spencers’ marriage and Lady Althorp, Lady Diana’s mother, was sent to the Harley Street clinic in London to understand the cause of the problem.

The smile of a princess loved by everyone / Photo: La Repubblica

The meeting with Prince Charles

In 1977 a very young Diana Spencer met Carlo, the prince who was then dating her older sister, Lady Sarah, during a hunting trip. The heir to the throne was nearly thirty years old and had been under pressure for some time to find a young woman from a good family and get married. In November 1978, after the breakup of the engagement with Sarah, Carlo also invited her and her sisters for the party of her thirty years to Buckingham Palace. Diana and Sarah were later invited by the Queen to a hunting week at Sandringham in January 1979.

Debut at the court

Several invitations followed, both from Charles and from the Royal family, to the point that with the passing of the months the press and the people became more and more convinced that she would be the future bride of the Prince of Wales. Finally, on February 6, 1981, Charles invited Diana to Windsor Castle and asked her to marry him. She agreed immediately, but the news was kept secret for over two weeks.

Diana and Prince Charles / Photo: Il Sole 24 ore

February 24, 1981 Buckingham Palace officially announced their engagement. From the Garrard & Co. jewelry catalog, Lady Diana chose a white gold ring with 14 diamonds arranged around a large 12-karat sapphire, very similar to her mother’s engagement ring. Since 2010 the jewel has been on the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Diana’s eldest son, Prince William.

Lady D marries Prince Charles

The wedding took place on Wednesday 29 July 1981 in St Paul’s Cathedral in London, chosen because it offered more seating than Westminster Abbey, traditionally used for royal weddings. Over 2,000 guests attended the ceremony, including members of foreign royal families and numerous politicians and diplomats: Italy, in the absence of President Sandro Pertini, was represented by the then President of the Senate Amintore Fanfani.

21 July 1981 of the wedding between Charles Prince of Wales and Lady Diana / Photo: Rai archive image

Fairytale wedding

The fairytale wedding was broadcast worldwide and followed by over 750 million people, while 600,000 flooded the streets of London to see the bride on the way to the cathedral. Lady Diana wore an ivory taffeta and silk dress, adorned with antique lace and with a train seven meters long. At the altar, out of emotion, he mistakenly reversed the first two names of Carlo, pronouncing Philip Charles instead of Charles Philip, and did not express a vow of obedience to her husband, a choice desired by both.


The Prince and the new Princess of Wales spent part of their honeymoon at the Mountbatten family’s Hampshire villa before flying to Gibraltar and embarking on the Royal Yacht Britannia for a cruise across the Mediterranean. The newlyweds visited Egypt, Tunisia, Sardinia and Greece and finished their honeymoon with a stay in the Balmoral estate, together with the rest of the Royal Family, before moving permanently to their apartment in Kensington Palace and on Charles’s estate near Tetbury, Highgrove.

In London, the couple lives in Kensington Palace. Six months after the wedding, Buckingham Palace announces that Diana is pregnant: William was born in June 1982. Two years later Harry is born. Future rumors will say that the marriage is unhappy from the start to the point that the two children would be the result of the only two sexual relations that took place between husband and wife.

Lady D dances with John Travolta at the Palazzo Reale / Photo: The Today

End of a Lady D dream

The Royal union lasted a little over a decade, during which Charles and Diana traveled the world together on behalf of the Crown. In December 1992, eleven years after the wedding, British Prime Minister John Major announced the separation of Charles and Diana. The announcement of the British premier underlines how the end of a fairytale love is a question of state: a future separated king has not been seen since the time of Henry VIII, who had five wives.

Lady D and Queen Elizabeth in a rare familiar image where both women appear smiling together / Photo: Rai News

The story goes that the former wives of kings, Anna Bolena is proof of this, did not end well. Diana will be no exception. She stays at Kensington Palace with her children, Charles moves to Clarence House, a small manor house near Buckingham Palace. Thirty-one years old, alone, finally independent, Lady D begins her third life: short, at times happy, then very painful and fatal. She travels non-stop, conquering everyone: having become a mature woman, she reveals her true charm, showing herself even more beautiful than when she was a young bride.

Lady D’s charisma

Lady D conquers with her personality that finally emerges without complexes: she speaks freely, says what she thinks, as the members of the royal family do not. He dedicates himself to charity, especially the campaign for mine victims in countries at war. She is an exemplary mother, much loved by William and Harry. She becomes a style icon, the great fashion designers love her and compete to give her their designer clothes. Already overshadowed by her when they were a couple clearly in crisis, Carlo disappears in the presence of the new free and unscrupulous Diana until he becomes engaged to the son of an Egyptian billionaire, with the prospect of giving a Muslim brother to the future sovereign William.

Lady Diana and her latest love, Dodi Al Fayed / Photo: Dagospia

A terrible accident

In the warm Parisian evening of August 31, 1997, just out of a hotel in Paris, Lady Diana gets in the car with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed for what will become their last trip. A few minutes later the Mercedes chased, as usual, by the paparazzi swerves and crashes against the thirteenth pillar of the gallery under the Ponte de l’Alma in Paris. Dodi and the driver Henri Paul, who as it turned out later had been drinking, die instantly. Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard, sitting in the front seat, the only one with a seat belt fastened, is seriously injured but survives. Transported still alive to the hospital, Lady D is pronounced dead two hours later.

Lady D’s children and Prince Charles at the funeral of the former princess / Photo: Elle

Numerous hypotheses have been formulated on the causes of the accident and carried out real media speculations on a vast plot that would see the principals in some members of the royal family and actuators of the British secret services.

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