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Lance Armstrong: The Ex-Pro Cycling Net Worth

How rich is Lance Armstrong?

The life of Lance Armstrong has caused many a scandal. His doping past will stick with him forever. After all, Lance Armstrong made sure that there was no winner of the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005. After his doping past became known, the ranking for these competitions only starts with second place. However, Lance Armstrong is still a long way from bankruptcy. The ex-cyclist and triathlete is said to have been difficult at around 110 million euros. After all, almost half of these millions remained despite all the fines. So his betrayal didn’t even begin to make him a poor man. The cherished Lance Armstrong’s net worth is 45 million euros.

Doping and lawsuits

Income from Lance Armstrong
Lance has already had to pay around 17.5 million euros in various processes. In one of his last legal battles, the US Department of Justice even wanted 90 million euros from the ex-athlete. That, in turn, would have meant Armstrong’s financial ruin. But it didn’t get that far. After all, the doping star has found a way to avert this misery. Not even He had to pay 4.5 million euros instead of a double-digit million fine as part of a deal.

The example of Lance Armstrong clearly shows that cheating can be worthwhile if only one has more luck than brains and perseverance. Even if the American naturally brought a lot of sporting talent with him, that would be him seven successive wins at the Tour de France without doping. However, these titles and successes, which were not revoked until much later, made Lance Armstrong such a world-famous and wealthy athlete. He still benefits from this money today.

Lance Armstrong had to fight hard on other fronts as well

In addition to his doping past, cancer also shaped Lance Armstrong’s life. His children are even conceived through artificial insemination, since the athlete was simply unable to do so due to his cancer past. That the American was able to beat cancer has made him an even bigger star in the media. He is also committed to cancer research and cancer prevention and even has his own foundation – the Lance Armstrong / Livestrong Foundation – founded.

Credit to Lance Armstrong
Not just about his health, but His private life was not always rosy either. His first marriage was divorced in 2004. His relationship with the well-known Sheryl Crow also did not last. The same was true for his brief affair with Ashely Olsen, one of the well-known Olsen twins. In December 2012, however, Lance Armstrong was nominated for an unusual title, namely “Texan of the Year”. Many readers are likely to wonder what a man like him did to deserve this honor.

In fact, the Morning News, which Armstrong had nominated, stated that it wanted to warn against “blind hero worship” and the dangers involved. But Lance Armstrong doesn’t let himself get down and takes his fate into his own hands again. Nice he has been running a podcast since 2016, where he regularly speaks to celebrity guests about how they have dealt with setbacks in their lives. After all, the ex-sports professional knows his way around this very well.

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