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Larry Hernandez First Wife


Larry Hernandez and his first wife divorced in 2013. He has total five children together. His second wife Kenia Ontiverous had two children with him and he had two children from his first wife with. His first marriage lasted less than two years. The first wife will have full custody of his children, and it’s unlikely that he’ll fight over them. The former couple have two children together. The third child from his second wife is due to be born in 2017. 

Meet in Jail

Larry Hernandez’s first wife was a TV personality and reality star. The two were married in 2008 and have two children. Their relationship began while Hernandez was in jail. While in prison, she met Larry soon after they married.Since then, the two had been together. The couple has four children together. His second marriage to Kenya Ontiveros is still going on.

First Wife

Laura Hernandez is Larry’s first wife. She met him when she was seventeen years old, when she was working in Mexico on a reality show called Larrymania. She later married him, and the couple share two daughters, Daleyza and Dalary. Their divorce was finalized in May of this year. The divorce was finalized after several months, and their daughter is now a teenager.

Loss of Children

Larry Hernandez and Kenia have two children together, and their relationship has become a major part of their lives. While the marriage is happy, the couple are concerned about the future of ranchera music and the loss of their three children. As a result, they’re seeking a divorce. While their marriage remains strong, the children of Kenia and Larry Hernandez are still a source of worry for the industry.

Secret Marriage

He and Kenya were married in May of 2017. The marriage was secretive until his first divorce was finalized. Larry’s relationship is now over, and his second wife is his current love interest. There’s no evidence that they’re still married.


The relationship between Larry Hernandez and Laura is over, but the singer has divorced  his first wife. He married Kenia Hernandez, a reality television star. The couple has three children together. Their daughter, Daleyza Hernandez, was born in 2010. She and her husband’s other children are not known .The first marriage was secret because the two women were young at the time.

Net Worth

The name of Larry Hernandez’s first wife is unknown. TheDailymail article mentions that Isabel was his first wife. He met her in Kenya and was immediately smitten by her beauty. Their children were born in 2011 and are living with him today. He has been married to his second wife. Despite being married for seven years, Isabel and her children have a joint net worth of $10 million dollars.

Kenia is a Singer

Despite his past history, Larry Hernandez has kept his first wife’s identity a secret for years. His second spouse, Kenia, has been publicly praised for her singing and acting abilities. Their children are the most important part of Larry Hernandez’s life. The singer is also very open about his love for his second wife, who he married in 2016. 

Met her on Funeral

The singer’s second wife was a Mexican reality star. He met her in Sinaloa while attending the funeral of his uncle. The two fell in love and began dating. In recent years, they were in a live-in relationship. They have three children together. In addition to their children.


It is unclear how much money the first wife of the actor has. It is not clear who his second wife earned. The second bride’s name is Kenia Hernandez, who is a Mexican-American. She has two older brothers and one sister. It is unclear how long the couple will remain married. In 2017, Larry and Kenia exchanged wedding vows.

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