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Laurence Fink: The BlackRock CEO’s Fortune

How rich is Laurence Fink?

Laurence Fink is one of the most influential and richest people in the world. In the media, the American is often referred to as the “most powerful man on Wall Street” because he has so much influence on the stock market with his company BlackRock. After all, the wealth management firm manages around $ 6 trillion in assets. So there is no other company that can even come close to keeping up with BlackRock. The cherished Larry Fink’s net worth is € 905 million.

Larry Fink & BlackRock

Credit to Laurence Fink
BlackRock wasn’t just founded by Larry Fink, but the extremely rich entrepreneur also appears as the chairman of the board of directors and the chairman of the supervisory board of this company. Larry Fink didn’t have a knack for today’s business right from the start. The son of a Jewish family first studied political science and business administration at the University of California, Los Angeles. After successfully completing his studies, the young Laurence Fink then started as a trader at First Boston.

This investment bank brought the American losses of more than 91 million euros due to incorrect interest rate forecasts. His reputation as a trader was at an all time low. However, that didn’t stop Larry Fink from getting into the private equity business. When Co-founder of BlackRock this ambitious man finally made headlines in 1988. At least Fink’s eldest John Joshua has chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps. He started a hedge fund called Enso Captial Management.

The life of a multimillionaire

Fink does not come from a wealthy background. While his mother was working as a professor of English, the father ran his own shoe shop. The son has come a long way, as the Bloomberg Billionaires Index speculated in April 2018 that this man’s private assets should amount to around one billion US dollars. Whoever heads the largest financial empire in the world will become extremely rich themselves. The entrepreneur does not only make himself strong for his financial livelihood.

Laurence Fink is also involved with the Board of Trustees at New York University and brings his talents to the Robin Hood Foundation. In December 2016, Larry participated in a business forum that President Donald Trump had put together to receive advice on many economic matters. In 2018, Larry Fink even ranked 28th on Forbes’ list thanks to his large sphere of influence most influential and powerful people Made it around the globe.

Laurence Fink is committed to protecting the environment

Income from Laurence Fink

His company BlackRock employs a good 12,000 peoplewhich are spread over around 27 countries around the world. Also in 2018, Laurence Fink issued an open letter to all CEOs to encourage them not to work solely towards their corporate profits. Rather, it must also be about making a contribution to environmental protection.

Helping the communities in which these companies operate and creating better working conditions for workers of various backgrounds is equally important. Laurence Fink has thus identified a vacuum in the political landscape. Therefore, the American believes that CEOs have to grapple with political and social problems that are not getting enough political attention. Given these views, it is not surprising that the entrepreneur too Supporters of the democratic party heard.

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