Laurie Cabot Net Worth

Laurie Cabot is a well-known Celebrity in the United States who has a wide fan base in different countries. She was born on March 6, 1933 in the United States, Wewoka. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million. According to various sources, she is an Aries. She is 5 feet, 9 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Her body type is medium. In addition to her wealth, Laurie Cabot has a large fan base, so it is not surprising that she has a substantial net worth.

In addition to being an Author, Cabot is a Salem native who owns a popular shop called The Cat, the Crow, and the Crown. The shop closed early in 2012 after more than 40 years in business. Laurie Cabot has long claimed to be a member of a prominent Boston Brahmin family and is also an important local celebrity in Salem. However, the local legend surrounding the shop’s closing has left her with no public income, so it is unknown how much money she has earned from her store.

Before becoming famous, Laurie Cabot had an ordinary life. She did not have many fans and lived a simple life. Before becoming famous, she had not been able to afford expensive things, so she had to rely on her business. Her fame, however, has increased her net worth to a very high level. It is therefore fair to assume that her net worth is higher than that of her fellow celebrities. And she has a great deal of fun with her job as an author.

In the 1970s, Cabot first opened her own shop in Salem, which quickly became a popular tourist attraction. She wore black robes and pentacle necklaces, and even held a witches’ ball at the corner’s premises. By the mid-1990s, she had become a famous figure in Salem and made appearances on shows like Joan Rivers. However, her fame was short-lived and she was soon divorced twice. She then pooled money with her girlfriend to buy an apartment on 18 Cheston Street, Salem Mass.

After her divorce from Andrews, Laurie Cabot had several legal troubles. She had restraining orders against him after he allegedly threatened witnesses at her divorce hearing. She also has a history of controversial behavior, as she was accused of threatening a local real estate agent with a gun in the mid-1990s. She still holds her gun permit. In 2012, she closed her store in Salem. Her son Jody was also accused of stealing money from her.

Among the factors that have inflated Laurie Cabot’s net worth are her social media following and her popularity. She is the official witch of Salem, Massachusetts, and the first person to realize that witchcraft could be commercially capitalized. As a result, she has paved the way for the witch Kitsch tourist industry in Salem. In addition to her numerous other activities, Laurie Cabot has an extensive Instagram account.