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Leonardo DiCaprio: Assets and Fees

How much money does Leonardo DiCaprio have?

Leonardo DiCaprio net worth
Leonardo DiCaprio is currently the best paid actor in the world. Between January 2013 and 2014 he was able to do incredible things 60 million euros and leave other Hollywood greats like Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler behind. Since 2005 he has been acting as a film producer active, which brings him more income or an additional income. In addition, the Hollywood star still owns numerous luxury properties and its own island. So he could get one estimated fortune of about 235 million euros build up.


But Leonardo is not the person who buys luxury yachts and dozens of sports cars. He lives rather modestly and donates a lot of his money. In 2012 he also supported Barack Obama in his US presidential election. He also founded his with the “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation” own foundation for the rescue of endangered animal species and thus supports many environmental protection organizations around the world. DiCaprio is currently ranked third on Forbes’ list of the most influential actors in the world. In 2019, he also donated $ 5 million to help save the wildfire-ravaged Amazon region.

In December 2013 Leo entered motorsport together with Venturi Automobiles and founded his own team in the new FIA Formula E Championship – the first Racing series with electric cars, which was launched for the first time in September 2014.

Acting career

Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting career began in the later 1980s, where he made a few appearances in commercials and minor roles in educational films and series. The first bigger one He gained attention in 1993 with the role of “Arnie Grape”, a disabled boy, in the film “Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa” opposite Johnny Depp. Leonardo’s acting performance was honored with the nomination for an Oscar in the category “Best Supporting Actor”.

In the years that followed, DiCaprio was able to land a leading role in several films and became increasingly popular with Hollywood directors. James Cameron hired him in 1997 for his groundbreaking role in Titanic alongside Kate Winslet. Titanic won eleven Oscars and is the second most successful film of all time to date. Leonardo DiCaprio became a great teen idol and heartthrob.

Inspired by his success with Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio took on other roles in films such as “Celebrity” and “The Beach”, which, however, brought little success. In 2002 Martin Scorsese engaged him for his new film “Gangs of New York”. DiCaprio was finally able to shed his boyish image in the film epic and shine with his serious and brutal leading role as “Amsterdam Vallon”. In the same year he was booked by Steven Spielberg for the film “catch me if you can”.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

In 2005 the successful collaboration with Martin Scorsese continued. He employed Leonardo one more time for the lead role in the film “The Aviator”, for which he did the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor received and in the same category for one Oscar nominated would. In 2007 the director and the actor shot “Departed – Unter Feinden”. In the same year Leonardo DiCaprio stood in front of the camera for “Blood Diamond”, for which he again received an Oscar nomination for best leading actor. In 2008 he played leading roles in the drama “Times of Turmoil” and the thriller “The Man Who Never Lived”

In 2010 the fifth collaboration with Scorsese in the film “Shutter Island” (4 Oscars), which is the most successful film with DiCaprio to date after Titanic. In early 2011, the successful actor worked with Clint Eastwood on the film adaptation of the life of J. Edgar Hoover. In “Django Unchained” DiCaprio should for the first time uDirected by Quentin Tarantino stand in front of the camera. From the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012, Leo took on the role of the great Gatsby in the film of the same name.

In the movie He worked on “The Wolf of Wall Street” for the fifth time with Martin Scorsese together and received its Oscar Four and Five nominations. This time as the best leading actor in the role of Jordan Belfort and as the producer for the best film.

In September 2014 filming began for the western thriller “The Revenant”. The film hit theaters in early 2016 and became an incredible success. Oscar nomination number six was therefore not long in coming. This time, however, actually by winning the coveted trophy.

Oscar nominations from Leonardo DiCaprio

For a long time Leo was on the list of actors who could never win an Oscar, because he had already been nominated five times before he finally won the Oscar for best leading actor in 2016.

  • Oscar 2020: best leading actor in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
  • Oscar 2016: best leading actor in “The Revenant” (won)
  • Oscar 2014: Best Actor and Producer for Best Picture in “The Wolf of Wall Street”
  • Oscar 2007: best leading actor in “Blood Diamond”
  • Oscar 2005: best leading actor in “The Aviator
  • Oscar 1994: Best Supporting Actor in “Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa”

Leonardo DiCaprio earned these fees as an actor.

Thanks to numerous percentage stakes, the income was much higher. He even produced some of the films himself:

Leonardo DiCaprio merit

Premiere of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $ 10 million

The Revenant $ 20,000,000
The Audition (16 minute commercial) $ 13,000,000

The Great Gatsby $ 20,000,000
The Wolf of Wall Street $ 10 million

J. Edgar $ 2,000,000

Inception $ 59,000,000 (including% stake)

The Departed $ 20,000,000
Blood Diamond $ 20,000,000

The Aviator $ 20,000,000

Catch me if you can $ 20,000,000
Gangs of New York $ 18,000,000

The Beach $ 20,000,000


Titanic $ 2,500,000

The Quick and the Dead $ 150,000
The Basketball Diaries $ 1,000,000

Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa $ 75,000

Leo’s houses:

House in Los Angeles (Hollywood Hills)
Apartment in Manhattan / New York (TriBeCa)

Own island

Leonardo has actually had his own island in Belize, Central America, since 2005. Blackadore Caye Island is approximately 420,000 square meters and is said to have cost around $ 1.8 million. DiCaprio is planning to build an environmentally friendly resort together with the “Four Seasons” hotel group.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s cars

  • Tesla Roadster
  • Fisker Karma Hybrid
  • Toyota Prius

The preferred brands of DiCaprio

  • Armani
  • day, this year
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Ralph Lauren

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