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Lorella Cuccarini, the slow decline of a sovereign dancer

“There are, in strictly order of importance, dancers ofétoile, solo dancers and dancers in a row and, from today, also sovereign dancers. Or maybe not, only sovereignists », wrote Heather Parisi, some time ago, about Lorella Cuccarini. The latter, in recent days, has made headlines for a letter addressed to the collaborators of de Life live, in which – however – he accused his colleague Alberto Matano to be a male chauvinist with a huge ego.

The case of Lorella Cuccarini

Let’s go in order: Lorella Cuccarini, a multifaceted artist with thirty-five years of career behind her, last September arrived at Life live. Lorella, except for the parenthesis of Beloved Enemy, the Raiuno show with Heather Parisi, which aired in 2016, had been out of the television schedules for a long time now. Then, last year, suddenly, came the call from a Rai mother with a Northern League background. Right from the start, therefore, Cuccarini was accused of being back on TV because of her political sympathies.

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We come to this year: Life live, conducted – in fact – by Lorella and Alberto Matano, former half-length portrait of Tg1, obtained discreet listening results, significantly higher during the Coronavirus emergency: the public, in short, between the two Rai faces and the histrionics (to use a euphemism) Barbara D’Urso, preferred the former. Everything seemed to be going well, until Lorella began to murmur about a possible farewell to the program: Rai, no longer a League member, preferred to take her out.

In short, whoever hurts from sovereignty, perishes from sovereignty: Cuccarini, who according to ill-thinkers would have returned to TV because of her political preferences, because of politics has been wiped out.

Farewell to poison by Lorella Cuccarini

Lorella, however, must not have taken it at all well, so – with a gesture that tastes more of vile revenge than of public denunciation – she denigrated her colleague Matano, writing a letter in which she told the real face of the conductor: according to him, he would be a chauvinist with an immense ego. In the letter, Cuccarini used words of great affection and esteem towards the entire organizing machine of the program and wished for a future full of successes for the broadcast.

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It is curious that the letter arrived on the day in which the last episode of the program was broadcast, as it is curious that Lorella accused (rightly or wrongly, it is not known) Matano, who – unlike his – was reconfirmed at the helm of the show. If she had been confirmed too, would she ever point the finger at her colleague? We do not know if his words correspond to the truth, but one thing is evident to everyone: it was an inelegant and petty gesture, which casts a shadow on Alberto Matano and on the future of the program, but above all on her.

Let me be clear, it is right and necessary that every person victim of an abuse denounces how much immediately. However, if it is done for mere revenge, it is the most despicable and unprofessional thing there is. After all, just two months ago, Lorella was talking about an excellent understanding with her colleague. Understood that, apparently, in recent times it has failed.

Lorella Cuccarini, the sovereignist

Someone, reasonably, said he was annoyed by Lorella’s farewell a Life live for no better clarified political reasons. Indeed, the fact that a person loses their job for politics is a reprehensible fact. However, it is just as much to receive a job offer for the same reason: Lorella, in recent years, has never hidden her sympathies and has made quite superficial, indelicate, often unhappy affirmations, which hide, rather badly, the nature of a bigoted and ignorant woman.

Let’s clarify, for the avoidance of doubt, what is meant by ignorance: it is ignorant who, in fact, ignores something; who, despite having little, partial or approximate knowledge of a topic, still expresses an opinion; those who do not know how to question their thoughts; who stops at a prejudice; those who claim to impose their idea without considering its limits. Yes, it’s true, we are all free to say what we think, but we have a duty to understand when our judgment becomes harmful to someone else, when it offends or mortifies a group of people, when its content is objectively wrong, therefore our opinion is also compromised.

Some time ago, Cuccarini said that she is against the practice of renting a womb for both straight and gay couples, because “children are not a right but a gift”, a gift she has received four times. If she weren’t so lucky, would she be of the same opinion today? Not only that: she is against adoption for homosexual couples, because “children need a father and a mother”.

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Lorella has also expressed herself on the subject of women and feminism: the presenter argues that women must accept their limits and explains «Elsewhere and in politics, a determination and a” malice “are needed which require the renunciation of certain feminine characteristics. We have to accept it: men and women are different. If there are more men at the top it is because they are more predisposed ». And she adds to the dose: “I have never been a feminist and always been against pink quotas”.

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That’s not all: Lorella, in the past, supported the Lega-5stelle government, «But what right-wing policies? This government has done more left-wing things than the previous ones ”. And here she has also shown that she is rather unprepared in the matter. And then he beat the Pope’s actions “It would be nice for the Pope to express himself also on other situations, as well as on migrants”; moreover, he showed that he did not understand the words of the Pontiff and explains: «I was disappointed when he said ‘better atheists and good, than Christians and haters’. It is necessary to distinguish good and do-gooders: Catholics must be good, but they must defend their children ». Rather convoluted reasoning. Finally, Lorella is a fervent sovereignist, “There are those who think of the electorate and those of the elite and finance, I am a convinced anti-European”.

Someone will object by saying that Cuccarini, in fact, has only expressed opinions. But that’s partly true. An opinion, for it to make sense that it exists, must be accompanied by a profound knowledge of the subject. And Lorella, in several points, is rather lacking: it happens when she approaches, rather hastily, the politics of Salvini and the former yellow-green government to the Italian Left; when it expresses superficial judgments on a delicate subject such as that of homogenitorial families; when it subordinates the figure of woman to that of man, despite the efforts made to eliminate all traces of disparity; when it expresses political opinions using populist and biased arguments as a counter-proof of its position.


We could debate for days in an attempt to establish whether Cuccarini was right to denounce Matano’s alleged machismo, if her gesture – which risks compromising the success of the program itself, given the accusation addressed to the presenter – is lawful or incorrect. . Probably, Matano’s fault is that of being a journalist, therefore more qualified than her in addressing certain issues and occupying specific spaces within the Life live. A fault that a showgirl accustomed to the spotlight like Cuccarini hardly forgives.

To close this piece, I chose to rely on the wise and witty words of Selvaggia Lucarelli:

Lorella Cuccarini, fan of the politician who brought the inflatable doll to the stage saying it was Boldrini, tells us that Matano is male chauvinist.

Perhaps, I think, Lorella should revise the concept of male chauvinist and also that of colleague: Matano is a journalist, she is a dancer. A very good sovereign dancer.

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