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Lynn Carlson Hendrick


Lynn Carlson began his career with Hendrick Motorsports, when he was a college intern. He obtained a degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and served as the team engineer for the company’s NASCAR SuperTruck Series entry. That year, the team won its first circuit championship. After that, Carlson was reassigned to the marketing and sponsorships department under longtime Hendrick executive Dan Lohwasser.

Family Business 

Hendrick worked for the family’s business in the garage since he was a teenager. He was even dated by Hendrick’s daughter while she was in high school. He later joined Hendrick Racing, which includes Jimmie Johnson and Terry Labonte. Hendrick Racing is also home to Brian Vickers, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. While Carlson is still working for Hendrick Motorsports, he is still a spotter for the team.


After becoming a spotter, Carlson worked as a crew member and driver for Ricky Hendrick. The couple lived in Charlotte, where Ricky. After Hendrick’s first career in the racing world, they decided to help others by starting their own business. The Hendrick Automotive Group was founded by their father and brother, and the Hendrick family has enjoyed success in the auto industry since the 1980s.


Hendrick married in 1996 and became engaged the following year. Hendrick is a four-time Cup champion and has several other drivers in his stable. However, his daughter not the only one to win a championship with Hendrick. During the 1990s, his wife dated Jeff Gordon, who has won four of the last five championships in the series. The team is also home to Jimmie Johnson and Brian Vickers.

Met in High School

Hendrick and Lynn Carlson met in high school and dated during college years . Hendrick’s teams are currently dominated by Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers. Hendrick’s desire to succeed is the driving force behind his life. Hendrick’s team has achieved four straight championships.

Three consecutive Cup titles

During his career, Hendrick has ridden for three consecutive Cup titles in his career. Hendrick also owns two cars in the USAR Pro Cup and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. After that, Lynn Hendrick dated Jimmie Johnson, who was part of the Hendrick Racing team. 

Probation in Jail

Hendrick married Linda Perkins, who later became Co-owner of All-Star Racing. She has two children. In 1997, Hendrick was found guilty of mail fraud and sentenced to a fine of $250,000. He served his probation in jail. Hendrick’s racing company operated under the guidance of his brother Jim Perkins. His pardon from President Clinton was a symbol of his success and recognition in the racing industry.

His Passion

The owner of Hendrick Motorsports. Rick Hendrick is a self-described person who turned his passion for the automobile into successful business ventures in the retail automotive and professional auto racing industries.


Currently Rick Hendrick is 73 years old and the net worth of Motorsport is almost 1 billion dollars or more than that. Lynn Carlson is the daughter of Rick Hendrick. She has an Instagram account with 273 followers where she posts mostly the pictures related to nature and her art.

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