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Yeshua Hamashiach – The Word Made Flesh

A few months back, Nigerian worship minister Nathaniel Bassey released an album which has since become a go-to source of encouragement to many and especially in these times when it seems like the world is about to collapse. The song Yeshua Hamashiach has become a hit and people are flocking to listen to it.

Verse 1

The Word was God.

In this verse, John is making a comparison between the Word who was present at the beginning of creation and Jesus who came later to bring it all into existence.

This is a very simple point and it demonstrates that the Word was with God or co-equal to God in the very beginning of creation.

Verse 2

Verse 2 tells us that Jesus is not only God, but also the *Saviour. He was born of a woman, but he is also God in a body.

He came to live and teach in this world. Christians must keep obeying him, and they will soon see him return.

People who are against God will be punished. They will be put in a place of black darkness.

Verse 3

The first of many important ideas that are explained in this passage, is Jesus’s role as the Savior of the world. He is the Word of God, made flesh.

He is also the creator and sustainer of all things. And He has a plan to bring them all to their full potential, through Him.

Verse 4

The Spirit of God led Jesus into the desert, where He was tempted by the devil. But Jesus, rather than succumbing to Satan’s temptation, rejected it and responded with the words of Moses.

He rebuked those who depended on signs and wonders before they believed, and reminded them of the word of God which details for us the life of rest. He then promised that, as a result of his work, God would give this to all mankind – not only Jews.

Verse 5

The Lord Jesus Christ is God.

This is the essential doctrine of Christianity, which must be believed in order to enjoy eternal life. He is the only one who can save us from our sins, because He died on the cross for our sins and rose again.

Verse 6

Jesus is a great example of the power of God’s Word. We have a choice to make between what is right and what is wrong; it’s not a one-time decision, but a lifestyle.

In verse 6 we see Jesus facing a temptation that is designed to ruin His mission. It was a test to see whether He would resist Satan and continue His work.

Verse 7

During his time on earth, Jesus often divided people. They could not be truly neutral about Him, so some would be for Him and others against Him.

He also rebuked those who were hypocritically practicing sanctimonious prayer, turning it into an ostentatious exhibition of their self-proclaimed righteousness, instead of humble seeking of God with all their heart.

In this passage, Jesus contrasts the many ways that the OT prescribed for approaching and relating to God, with His new way of living that is rooted in His death and resurrection. He calls His followers to approach and relate to God by asking, seeking, and knocking.

Verse 8

In verse 8, we see that Jesus is upping the ante with His demonstrations of His power. This illustrates the importance of prayer and faith.

The number 8 symbolizes a new beginning, a new creation and man’s true ‘born again’ event (Romans 2:28-29). It also signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Verse 9

When we look at this verse it is easy to see the importance of getting our hearts right with God. This means a willingness to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, finding forgiveness and cleansing through Him, and following faithfully His teachings about the spiritual life.

But if we are looking to get our heart right with God through external rules and traditions, it will only help us if those traditions have a heart of faith. Otherwise, they will be like a patch of unshrunk cloth.

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