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Madalynn Grace Galanti


Lyssa Chapman welcomed her first child, a daughter named Madalynn Grace Galanti, on 7 August 2009 in Hawaii. The couple already had a seven-year-old girl, and she is also the stepmother to a four-year-old daughter. The couple are engaged, and the new addition to their family is their 14th grandchild. However, the new addition to their family is not the only surprise.


Madalynn’s mother Chapman was born the ninth of twelve children of Duane “Dog” Chapman. Her mother is his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain . She is known as “Baby Lyssa” She was raised by her father until she was 10, after which she went to live with her mother in a small Alaskan town, Anderson, and had no contact with her father for six years. 


Madalynn’s mother, Lyssa Grace Galanti, is a former addict, and was recently relapsed after 14 years. Bo abused his wife and the baby, and she kicked him out of the house. He also injured her back, giving her a black eye and bruises. Despite the abuse, the couple is still in a relationship and the couple have a daughter together.


Lyssa Greene Brittain is the mother of Madalynn. She is the stepmother of Serene Galanti, as well as the daughter of Duane ‘Dog’ Galanti. She is the stepmother of Madalynn. 


Madalynn Grace was born in 2009 to Lyssa and Bo Galanti. She lives with her mother and her older sister, Abbie Mae. Her parents had an affair and split up in 2009. Afterward, Lyssa and Bo filed for a divorce. The couple’s daughter, Madalynn, was born to Brendan and Lyssa, who had a previous relationship.


Bo and Lyssa Galanti were married only for 3 years. They have a daughter, Madalynn Grace. Both have a high net worth. The two have a daughter, but their marriage didn’t work out. The two are still separated, and the child is living with her mother. She has no social media accounts. But she has a photo of her baby bump on her website.

According to a source it is confirmed that Lyssa Chapman, mother of Madalynn Grace, married Leiana Evensen in 2022.Although they have never shared their personal lives, the couple is close. They spend most of their time together. They may even go to the same school. 

Madalynn Name

Madalynn Grace Galanti is a Spanish baby girl’s name that means “bitter woman from Magdala.” The meaning of the name “Grace” is “thanks” and “mercy”. The Spanish version of this name is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means gratia. The word gratia is a common word that is often used in casual conversation, and it can be used to describe kindness.

Current Life

 If you are interested in what Lyssa Chapman is doing nowadays, here is your answer. She is the owner of a gym wear business.  She has been known to share health tips frequently via her social media accounts. The television personality was previously married to Brahman Galanti, whom she wed in 2009 and marriage ended in 2011.

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