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Mafalda Capone


Mafalda, named after an Italian princess, was the youngest Capone sibling and the only sister. Born 13 years after Al, she grew up spoiled, and retained a reputation as a profane and sharp-tongued woman throughout her life.


Al Capone’s sister, Mafalda, married a gangster named Ralph Capone. It is not known if they were married or if they were just involved in a racketeering business. Mafalda was never officially arrested and her family said the marriage did not harm the reputation of the family. The wedding took place on May 16, 1931 in Chicago.


Mafalda Capone married John Maritote in 1933 and had a daughter named Dolores. She was the only sister of Scarf ace Al. The couple had nine children, including a son named Raffaele, and three daughters. Their daughter, Dolores, was born in 1935. The couple was indicted in 1970. She is remembered for her violent behavior, but has never been convicted.

Several Children 

Mafalda Capone had several children with John. She was also married to John Maritote. Their relationship was very strained but the two had a son. In addition to their siblings, Mafalda had several daughters with various men. During the 1920s, she had a girl named Teresa. The marriage was very successful for Mafalda and her family. In spite of the scandals, she did manage to maintain her marriage.

Love Story

Mafalda and John had a love affair that continued until the end of her life. In the 1930s, a young man named John Capone visited Mafalda in her nursing home daily. His presence at the nursing home prompted many of her neighbors to comment on her devotion to Mafalda. Then, in the 1980s, John and Mafalda had a child together, but were separated by a long distance.


Mary and Al’s brother, James, and their father, Al Capone, both died in the 1920s. The youngest of the seven Capone brothers, Mafalda, buried her husband in the cemetery. He was the only one who knew his father and his wife. Despite the fact that they were related, John and Mafalda married for their family’s reputations. If John and Mafalda married, it was a secret, and many remained a family secret.

Marriage Ceremony 

The marriage ceremony was very quiet, and the couple hardly had time to celebrate. The wedding was a private affair. The wedding was described as a “quiet little affair.” The couple was married in the same church as Al’s sister, Mafalda Capone. The groom was John Maritote, the younger brother of a Capone organization affiliate Frank “Diamond” Maritote, who later went to prison in the Bioff/Brown Hollywood extortion case in 1943.


Al was ultimately sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment on October 24, 1931, and Mae was one of three people allowed to visit him in prison. Mae remained a devoted wife, frequently sending letters to her husband, referring to him as “honey”, and expressing her longing for him to return home. She visited him in person as well, traveling up to 3,000 miles from the Capones.


Mafalda was a loyal Capone family apologist throughout her life, although she was never directly known to be involved in any racketeering. Later in life she ran a successful bakery and catering service. She passed away in early 1988. Grave is right next to Al Capone’s.

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