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marco antonio barrera net worth

Marco Antonio Barrera is a Mexican, former professional boxer with a net worth of about $1 million to $5 million. He was a popular Boxer and featured on HBO’s ‘Boxing After Dark’ series. His net wealth is the result of prize money from his career as a Boxer. Born and raised in Mexico, Barrera got into boxing at a young age and became one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world.

Although he was often an underdog in high-profile fights, he ended his career 67-7 with 44 KOs and one KO against him. His net worth is primarily from prize money and various endorsements. He and his wife Sandra Barrera has two children, Antonia Lofaso and Christian Augusto. While their marriage did not garner much attention, it was enough to earn Barrera enough money to keep up with the demands of the profession.

While Barrera made a modest income as an amateur, he accumulated a net worth of more than $ 50 million. He is currently the commentator on ESPN Deportes’ weekly show, and has an estimated net value of more than $ 50 million. As a professional boxer, Barrera has become a household name and has a large fan base. Aside from boxing, Barrera is also a television personality, and is part of the NBC reality series “The WBo Show”.

The net worth of Marco Antonio Barrera is estimated at $5 million. He is a Mexican celebrity boxer and was born in 1974. His parents are Jorge Barrera and Rosa Maria Tapia de Barera. His height is 5 feet 6 inches, and he was a five-time national champion in Mexico. He is currently in retirement, and his net worth has grown considerably. It is not surprising that he is the subject of HBO’s ‘Boxing After Dark’ series.

While Barrera has been a popular boxer for a number of years, he is not a household name yet. His net worth is still relatively small compared to many of his peers. His first fight in 2005 earned him $3 million, while his most recent title bout with Pacquiao was worth PS4 million. He is considered a top fighter in Mexico and has a net asset of $46 million.

Despite the fact that Barrera had a low profile, he had a net worth of nearly $5 million. His best-selling movies earned him $4 million. His first big break came in the form of the movie Evita, which earned him an estimated $5 million. Meanwhile, Barrera earned $32 million in two professional boxing matches in 2010 alone. This is an impressive sum for a professional boxer.

While Barrera has managed to keep his private life out of the public eye, he has enjoyed a relatively quiet life. He has two children with his wife Sandra, and they have a family together. While he has maintained a private life away from the spotlight, he has been a popular personality in Mexico. He occasionally makes appearances in media in Mexico and at high-profile fights.

While his career has brought him fame and fortune, Barrera has managed to keep his personal life private. He is married to Sandra Barrera and has two children with her. While his net worth isn’t high, his family’s privacy is important to him. He enjoys his family life, and has kept his private life in the spotlight. Nevertheless, he has made some media appearances during the year.

Despite being born on a Monday, Barrera’s career has brought him much fame and fortune. His three WBO titles and numerous other titles are his main sources of income. His net worth is estimated to be PS3 million in 2010-11. The two boxers have different horoscopes, but both have a high net worth. The birth dates of the two men are similar.

The former boxer, who won several world championships in three weight classes, was born in Mexico City in 1974 and has been a successful boxer since his professional debut. Throughout his career, he had won 43 of his fights and was able to hold multiple world championships in three weight classes. He held the WBO junior featherweight title twice between 1995 and 2001 and won several other WBO titles. In 2002, he defended his WBC belt against Johnny Tapia. In 2003, he beat Kevin Kelley and won the unified WBC and IBF super featherweight title.

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