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Mark Zuckerberg donates $ 46 billion

The birth of Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter Max was also a monumental event for the whole world. Because in this context, the Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla Chan have decided to Donate $ 46 million. That equates to 99% of Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune. The couple wrote an open letter to their daughter dreaming of a better world. The special thing about it is that Mark and Priscilla have clearly recognized their responsibility towards future generations. Because although the 46 billion US dollars are to be donated to a good cause during the lifetime of the two, future generations and not only today’s world population should benefit from it. The needs of the children of the next generation are already important and must be honored. With this foresight, the Zuckerberg Changs have proven that they lead by example and want to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world needs to find a solution to today. Similar to Bill Gates, who donates a large part of his fortune through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Even with his plan for two months in Parental leave Mark Zuckerberg hit the headlines in the United States. Because this is quite atypical for fathers there and only a few corporations even offer fathers the option of taking a break after the birth of their children. Facebook recently also introduced new parental leave regulations for all parents.

The Zuckerberg-Chang Initiative

The new initiative, which is supposed to take care of the distribution of the 46 billion US dollar donation, was named after Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. Detailed plans are also known. In the next three years, no more than one billion US dollars in Facebook shares will be sold annually. The current CEO will remain the majority owner of Facebook for the next few years.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Income
What will change within the Facebook group, however, once 99% of Zuckerberg’s shares have been sold, remains to be seen. Incidentally, Mark Zuckerberg took a vow at the tender age of 26, which stipulates that he will donate the majority of his fortune to charitable causes. One of the (still) wealthiest and most influential men in the world has now kept this promise. Especially in their immediate homeland, the Zuckerberg Changs have been ready to support the social welfare of their fellow human beings. For example, they have already made donations there $ 120 million to San Francisco General Hospital, which takes care of a large number of San Francisco residents who do not have health insurance. $ 25 million to fight Ebola the man at the top of Facebook and his wife have also already made it available. In the coming years, however, much larger donations for a wide variety of charitable purposes can be expected. Above all, health and educational institutions but also projects on the subject of renewable energies could benefit from the Zuckerberg billions. Thus, the birth of Max Zuckerberg not only provides new hope for the parents, but is hopefully also a milestone for the whole world.

Criticism for alleged tax optimization

The announcement not only drew positive voices, but also some critics. These insinuated that the Facebook boss had founded a company and not, as usual, a non-profit organization. Mark promptly reported from his parental leave with a statement that only an LLC (similar to a GmbH) could be considered for him, as this is the only way to support other non-profit organizations and private projects. With the form of a society it is also possible to take part in political debates about which non-profits are prohibited by law in America.

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