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Markus Lanz: assets of the moderator

How much money does Markus Lanz have?

Markus Lanz, born in South Tyrol, works as a television presenter and producer. He really got off to a flying start with the German broadcaster RTL. A highlight of his career was the moderation of the popular Saturday evening show Bet that from 2012 to 2014. TV critics didn’t leave a lot of good hair on his appearances – the show Bet that probably all still had in mind the former moderator Thomas Gottschalk. Nevertheless, Lanz has been moderating his own talk show with great success since 2008 Markus Lanz at ZDF. He also published an illustrated book of his polar journeys and wrote his biography together with Horst Lichter. The cherished Markus Lanz’s assets are 10 million euros.

Career start with radio

Income from Markus Lanz
Markus Lanz comes from Bruneck in the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. During his school days at the Vinzentinum in Brixen, he lived in the student dormitory of Neustift Abbey. After graduating from high school, he served in the Italian army as a radio operator and in the mountain troops. First He gained radio experience at Radio Holiday in Bruneck.

At the age of 21 he began his training as a communications manager in Munich. At the same time, he completed a two-year traineeship at Radio Hamburg. However, this ended ingloriously, because he took the opportunity to without permission own single F … Chirac showcase. Lanz had produced the piece himself with other people, it was a protest song against the French nuclear weapons tests.

As a news presenter for RTL

In any case, his career was not slowed down by being kicked out of the radio, because in the same year Lanz started as News anchor at RTL Nord. From 1997 he moderated the show Good evening RTL. In 1998/1999, Barbara Eligmann’s substitute period during her baby break helped him achieve a real breakthrough Explosiv – the magazine.

He was so popular with viewers that he regularly moderated the show even after the substitute period. In 2004 he also took over the Editorial management of Explosive. Lanz was on RTL, among other things, as a moderator for The wedding plan, outback or I’m a star, get me out of here – special to see. In 2007 the South Tyrolean also worked as an author and wrote his biography together with the television chef Horst Lichter.

The change from Markus Lanz to ZDF

Markus Lanz assets
This career began in 2008, again with a substitute, this time from Johannes B. Kerner during his summer break. That was the Starting shot for the popular talk show, which is still broadcast today Markus Lanz. Three days a week he welcomes actors, politicians, cultural workers and people with special life stories on his sofa. Bill Gates, Karl Lagerfeld and Tony Blair have one thing in common – they have all been guests at Lanz.

In 2010 Markus Lanz also worked as a publicist, documenting a North Pole expedition accompanied by film. He also participated in television production The race to the South Pole part.

Biggest success almost ruined his career

The greatest success in Markus Lanz’s vita would have been the moderation of the Saturday evening show Bet that meant to be. Although it has always been very well received by the audience, the criticism here has been underground. 2014 became Bet that discontinued after 33 years and 16 episodes moderated by Lanz. For other moderators this would certainly have been the career end, but not for the smart Lanz. He confidently concentrates on his own talk show again.

The charismatic South Tyrolean is privately married to Angela Gessmann and has two daughters with her. His son Laurin comes from his previous relationship with Birgit Schrowange.

With his salary from the talk show Markus Lanz the moderator continues to expand his wealth. His annual fee is estimated at around 250,000 euros. Further moderation naturally increases Lanz’s income. His book projects and his shares as a producer of various TV formats also bring him additional income.

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