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Matt Rife is a performer from America. He makes people laugh and creates videos. He is also starting to make movies and shows. As of 2023, Matt Rife net worth has 30$ million Also, he earns extra money from his own YouTube channel where he does standup comedy.

Matt Rife Early Life

Matt Rife was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA on September 10th, 1995. His mother, April Rife, raised him with his 4 sisters in a small town in the midwest state.

When Matt was only one year old, his dad Matthew Steven Rife passed away. From that time, he lived with his three older stepsisters and a younger half-sister as he grew up. As Matt was growing up, he always liked to make people laugh. This became his job as he got older.

Rife got into comedy when he was 14 and did a performance at his high school’s talent show. One year later, he started working as a performer.

Matt Rife Career

Matt Rife net worth started on TV in 2014 on the show “Average Joe. Later, he appeared on a Disney TV show and “Wild ‘n Out. In 2016, he was on a TV show called “WTH: Welcome to Howler” and in 2017, he hosted “Total Request Live” on MTV.That year, Rife was on MTV’s show called “The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars” “Stars” is the first part of a new series of the show “The Challenge. ” It’s a special edition with famous people competing.

In 2019, Rife acted in a show called “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and a movie called “Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare. ” He also competed on a TV show called “Bring the Funny.In 2020, he appeared in a small part on a TV show called “Fresh Off the Boat. The next year, he was the main actor in a show called “Burb Patrol” on Amazon Prime Video.

Matt Rife Film Career

Matt Rife net worth started acting in 2015 in a movie called “Room 236. “Two years after that, he acted in a short movie called “Sophomore Year.  ” In 2018, Rife acted in a horror movie called “Black Pumpkin” and a short film called “The Debt.In 2019, he acted in a different short movie called “American Typecast. ” Rife acted in four movies in 2021: “After Masks,” “The Elevator,” “Death Link,” and “Just Swipe. 

In the beginning of 2022, Rife acted in a BET+ comedy-drama movie called “North of the 10. “He acted as a person who, with four friends, wants to be famous on the internet in the South Side of Chicago. “That year, he was in a scary movie called “Wolf Mountain” with Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, and Keli Price. Rife has also been in other movies like “Karma’s a Bitch,” “Candy Flip,” “Trapped Inn,” “Don’t Suck,” and “The Private Eye. “

Matt Rife Stand-up Comedy Specials

Two years after being on a TV show called “Bring the Funny,” comedian Matthew Steven Rife released three stand-up comedy specials. The first one is named “Only Fans,” and he made it himself. The next ones, “Matthew Steven Rife” and “Walking Red Flag,” came out in 2023.

Matt Rife Family and Relationships

Matt Rife net worth was born in Columbus Ohio on September 10, 1995, and grew up in North Lewisburg. He has three big stepsisters and one little stepsister. Rife’s dad died when he was just a year and a half old.

Rife and Kate Beckinsale used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but now they are not together anymore. He is not dating anyone right now. He has talked about his problems with feeling sad and worried in the past and supposedly only sleeps a few hours each night. He lives in Los Angeles, California right now.

Matt Rife Physical Appearance

Matt Rife is in good shape and has a nice looking body with a strong jawline. He has a good-looking face with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. Attractive guy is around 6 feet tall or 1.83 meters

Matt weighs about 79 kilograms, which is the same as 174 pounds. He has a picture on his wrist and his shoe size is 10 in the US or 9 in the UK.His body measurements are around 40 inches for his chest, 36 inches for his waist, and 15 inches for his biceps.

Matt Rife Social Media Accounts

.Facebook     .Almost 2.7M Followers     .Check Out

.Instagram     .Almost 5.7M Followers     .Check Out

.Twitter     .Almost 243.7K Followers     .Check Out

.TikTok     .Almost 17M     

Matt Rife Success and Awards

Matt Rife is a funny person who acts and has earned prizes. He was chosen for Teen Choice Awards two times. He was nominated for being funny in 2016 and for acting in 2017. In 2018, he got a prize for his show on the internet called “The Real Bros of Simi Valley. “He is very popular on TikTok with 17 million people who follow him, and he has been featured in newspapers like The New York Times.  He did fun things like being on a TV show called “Wild ‘N Out” from 2016 to 2018, making two funny shows called “Only Fans” and “Matthew Steven Rife,” performing a lot in Los Angeles, and doing comedy shows all over the world. Matt Rife is really funny and he will continue to make people laugh.

Matt Rife Assets

Matt Rife net worth is a funny performer and actor who has a lot of money, about $30 million. He has a nice house in Los Angeles, cool cars like a Tesla and a Range Rover, and he earned money from his funny TV shows. He has lots of fans on TikTok, more than 17 million. In short, Matt Rife is wealthy and well-known because of his funny performances, acting, and presence on social media.


In conclusion, Matt Rife has earned $30 million from his work in the entertainment industry by 2023. He has made people laugh and become well-known in the comedy world through his funny acts in movies and TV shows. With his skills and hard work, Rife is on track for more success in his job.

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