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A former football player and current pastor, Mayo Sowell stumbled into the ministry about three years ago. He was cut from the Auburn Tigers and turned to drugs. His ministry was in the beginning stages when he was arrested for intent to distribute cocaine. Now a Christian, he is a pillar of the Atlanta church community and wants churches to partner with the government to combat the opioid crisis. In his book, “Are You a Leader?” Sowell shares his story of redemption, how God used his experience as a football player and how he became a leader.

In his book, “The Church, the Prison, and the Prophetic,” Sowell provides an introduction to the ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention. After reading about Sowell’s life, the reader may be surprised by his piety. His story of addiction demonstrates that he was a true Christian and he exemplified the gospel. His ministry expanded from Georgia to California and Arizona. In 2009, Sowell was convicted of distributing cocaine and sentenced to 50 months in prison. In 2012, his church was planted in Atlanta. Hodges, an associate pastor at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, was inspired to join Sowell and the team.

In 2006, Mayo Sowell was arrested for intent to distribute cocaine, and was sentenced to 50 months in an Arizona prison. At the time of his arrest, his business enterprise had spread from Georgia to California to Arizona. The church he is planting now is in Atlanta, and Sowell is attempting to make it a success. He asked Hodges if he felt a call to plant a church and was told he did. The former Auburn linebacker and former drug dealer was a new pastor and had no idea what to do with it.

Three years ago, Sowell had a vision of starting a church. He and his wife, a mother of two, were both ordained by the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham. In September 2018, they opened their first campus in west Birmingham. He had not preached much in the past, but he had been convicted of selling cocaine and other drugs. Sowell also has a new church planter in Atlanta.

When he first heard God’s call, the two men were in different stages of ministry. He had just been released from prison for intent to distribute cocaine. He had been sentenced to 50 months in jail, but he was not afraid. After all, the pastors at Church of the Highlands had been preaching in the city for several years. It took him only three years to answer the call, but his faith in the Lord was a catalyst for change.

He was released from prison a year after his arrest for intent to distribute cocaine. He was sentenced to 50 months in prison and was arrested. While serving in his ministry, Sowell shook Hodges’ hands. He asked if Sowell felt the same call as his, and she answered “yes.” Sowell later planted the church on Hodges’ land in Birmingham. And he soon realized his conviction was a blessing.

After serving in prison, Sowell is now building a church in Atlanta. He had been arrested in Arizona for intent to distribute cocaine and was sentenced to 50 months. He has been in the ministry for three years and had a successful life as a drug dealer. But his story is not typical. He’s a pastor who has a tough time in life and had no clue how to make a living. If you’ve been there, you might be asking yourself the same question.

During his high school days, Sowell played football for Auburn. As a junior, he had 162 tackles, nine sacks, and six interceptions. He led his team to a Class 6A semi-finals. He has been preaching for three years, and has a new church in Atlanta. He’s a former drug dealer who has been in prison for three years. Sowell’s calling inspired him to get rid of his addiction and plant a church in his hometown.

In 2008, Mayo Sowell was arrested for intent to distribute cocaine and sentenced to 50 months in prison. The church, which he is launching in Atlanta, is in the process of being planted in other cities across the country. However, the former Auburn lineback felt the call to serve God three years ago. Although he had no prior experience in preaching, he had already heard God’s voice and had been led to a new calling to become a pastor.

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