Megyn Kelly Net Worth

The amount of Megyn Kelly net worth is hard to pinpoint. However, we can speculate that her salary is around $15 million. This figure includes her net worth from her autobiography, which she sold for $10 million to HarperCollins. In addition, she has earned a lot from hosting her own show, which will debut in October 2020. In addition to her television career, Kelly also has several businesses and interests.

Currently, Kelly earns a salary of $1.9 million per month. She is also involved in producing a podcast, called the Megyn Kelly Show, which she uses to discuss controversial issues with her guests. In 2017, Kelly signed a three-year, $69 million deal with NBC. As of 2021, her net worth is expected to be at least $120 million. Her net worth will continue to increase as she continues to produce quality content.

Kelly’s education is extensive. She attended Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, where she earned her undergraduate degree in political science. She went on to study law at Albany Law School, where she obtained her Juris Doctor in 1995. Following her law career, Kelly worked for Jones Day for nine years. She also hosts a segment of the Fox News show called Kelly’s Court. Her net worth is likely to rise as her popularity continues to grow.

Besides her work on television, Kelly earned her net worth from her journalism. Her first job as a journalist was at an ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. in 2003. She also covered the presidential election. She then joined Fox News in 2005, where she is the host of the popular show “America Live” and its daily edition, “Kelly’s Court.”

In 2017, Kelly signed a lucrative three-year contract with NBC, which brings her net worth to $69 million. That’s around $23 million a year. Her net worth is not surprising, considering that she is known to interview big names, such as Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton. If you’re wondering, Kelly’s net worth has always been a hot topic. The following are some interesting facts about her career and how she earned her money.

While working at Fox News, Kelly also had a successful career at NBC. She hosted Megyn Kelly Today and Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly. In addition to her talk show, she also has a law degree. Her net worth has steadily increased over the years. She is also a lawyer and has a number of other publications and business ventures. However, her net worth is not inflated because she continues to work hard in the news business.

During her tenure at Fox News, Megyn Kelly often found herself at the center of controversy. She caused controversy when she said that blackface was OK on Halloween. She also became famous for her fights with Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. In one debate, Megyn Kelly argued that Trump was not the best candidate for the presidency. Her popularity soared following her controversies.