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melissa lucio daughter autopsy photos

Melissa Lucio Daughter Autopsy Photos

The melissa lucio daughter autopsy photos show severe injuries that were inflicted on her. It is a case that has received a lot of criticism.

Melissa Lucio was convicted of murdering her daughter in 2008. She is scheduled for execution by lethal injection on April 27.

Mariah Alvarez

The photos of Mariah Alvarez show a little girl with bloodstains all over her body, and what appeared to prosecutors to be a bite mark on her back. Melissa Lucio was convicted of capital murder for the death of her daughter.

Her attorneys argued that the baby died of an accidental fall down the stairs two days earlier. Prosecutors, however, said she was killed by a violent mother who had been bruising her daughter for years.

In a videotaped interrogation, Lucio falsely pleaded guilty to a charge of child neglect, but then allegedly confessed to beating and biting her daughter. In the interview, which aired on Hulu’s “The State of Texas vs. Melissa,” she was questioned for hours by police and told that she had bitten her daughter in the head.

Now, a trial court is reviewing new evidence that could clear her of her daughter’s death. But it’s unclear when that will happen and if it would be enough to stop her execution.


In Lucio’s daughter Mariah’s autopsy photos, bloodstains are visible on her legs. These stains are a result of blunt force injuries, or the impact of a hard object on liquid blood, such as a blunt object like a hammer, which can cause blood to spatter.

In her 2007 trial, Lucio claimed she was drunk and drug-addicted when she killed Mariah. But her case raises serious questions about how her lifelong history of abuse and mental illness affected her response to coercive police interrogation.

She told police and child welfare agencies that her 2-year-old daughter had fallen down the stairs two days earlier. But prosecutors and detectives brushed her story aside, believing that she must have killed Mariah with some kind of physical assault.

Activists have been campaigning for Lucio to be given a new trial and released from prison. They are also organizing screenings of the documentary “The State of Texas vs. Melissa,” which focuses on her case and examines far-reaching aspects of the investigation and trial that have proven to be problematic.


On a photo taken from Mariah’s autopsy, she appears to have several bruises and injuries. However, experts who reviewed the evidence disagreed with the medical examiner’s testimony that her injuries were “a result of intentional act or abuse.”

The bruising appeared to be caused by a blood clotting disorder known to cause severe bruising. This was found in a new forensic analysis of Mariah’s body.

Melissa Lucio’s attorneys claim that detectives used coercive interrogation to pressure her into falsely blaming her daughter’s death on a fall down stairs. They also say that the Cameron County district attorney’s office manipulated her during the investigation to help him get re-elected.

A petition filed by Lucio’s attorneys on March 22 alleges that former Cameron County district attorney Armando Villalobos used the case as a way to get support from voters ahead of his re-election campaign. He allegedly took money in exchange for things like case dismissals and reducing charges.

Scattered bruises

The autopsy photos of Melissa Lucio’s daughter Mariah Alvarez show bruises throughout her body. Experts in her defense team and others have argued that those bruises were caused by a medical condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, which is common in people who suffer head trauma.

Those bruises are consistent with a fall down stairs two days before Mariah died, according to attorneys in her case. The family was moving to a new apartment, and Lucio had told officers that she fell down the stairs while she was packing.

Her lawyers say that prosecutors and police misinterpreted the medical evidence to support their claim that Mariah died of child abuse. They have also said that her scattered bruises were likely caused by the fall down the stairs, not by her mother’s actions.

As the clock ticks toward April 27, her supporters are hoping that Texas Governor Greg Abbott will commute her sentence, grant a reprieve or stop her execution. They are also thankful to celebrity activists like Kim Kardashian, who is urging Abbott to stop her execution.

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